Sunday, December 31, 2006

last day of two thousand six.

apparently, diana's joining us. So is ryan and his friends. =) haha.

just finish playing that dancing thing for an hour and a half and before that was making the kuih bahulu :D and frying prawn crackers :D haha. and eating half ofwhatever i made (alot okay) haha.

my brother's still not back. and im going to shwoer after typing this and get ready for dinner.

i am in no shape for the swimming suit tomorrow and unfortunately will, have to blind everyone who sees me in a swimming suit because i am fatter than ever =D yay. haha.

what a way to start the new year.

p/s becky& company, dont kneel over and die at the sight of my super fat body please. i dont want to be held guilty for murder. especially not to my best friend. that my dear, would be horrifying.

you know what i cant tahan. Girls between the age 0 and 18 who gush about being inlove. -_- haha. its not like you can legally get marriage at this age again. why bother proclaiming your love for the person who might now be your boyfriend in a couple of months. oh, dont go ahead thinking," oh sure amelia, say that since YOU have not had a proper boyfriend. you wouldnt know how it feels to be SO inloveeeeeeeeee" or, " i've been with my bf for like a year plus/ two years plus/three years plus. .etc, and we're gonna live happily ever after" but excues me. i've known people who's been together for 8/9 years and they still broke up ok. -_- my goodness. and then when that guy finally dumps you/ breaks up with you, you whine and say, " OMG, my heart is broken. i will never be the same again. and blablabla". you sound like a complete dumass =) see mee(or anyoneelse), no bf and i'm still very much happy and alIve (: haha.

-_- if you're offended by what i said up there, it is most prolly something true about you.

so good day to the rest of you (: and and enjoy the last hours of 2006 happily :D

lol. -_-

bah. bye luvs. i'l ltry and get pictures tomorrow :D


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