Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 109/365 - For you, my love.

Hello everyone!  

I am back today after a nearly 3 week long hiatus. I know, should've mentioned it but I've just been so busy. Busy having my darling Jun around so please forgive me. I will be recapping my weeks soon enough over the next couple of days/weeks. 

Just a little something, having just sent off this lovely man at the airport:

I've had the most loveliest, exciting of times with you my love. I don't think I can ever express what I feel in my heart about you without sounding like a blubbering fool, but oh, the things you make me feel. 

It's funny, you'd think the distance would've changed us, even just a little. But, it amazes me how, from the moment I saw you walk out of the arrival gates, it felt like we hadn't been away from each other at all. Not even for one second. 

You've given me beautiful memories once again, and to say I have fallen absolutely even more head-over-heels for you would be a complete understatement, but I have. I am looking forward to the next time I can be in your arms again, and for some reason, this time when you told me everything was going to be OK (the good kind ;)). I felt peaceful acceptance of that phrase. 

Hoping for the smoothest of flights for you and that you'll get to grey Aberdeen safe and sound and know that I'll be thinking of you always in the Malaysian/Bruneian sun. 

I love you. 

Big Chuchus
Amelia xo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 87/365

Finished watching MLFTS today! Ending was a little meh for me but I guess it was better than a bad ending. I love Hae Kyung! He's my fav. character. Such a gentleman can? Wahhhhhh. 

Also love the way Song Yi says Sorrehhhh. Haha! And the way she speaks to her car. So good. 

I also love her lip colours; as do the rest of the world. 

Anyway, went to Escape Room today thanks to ChurpChurp! Swan and I had BBQ Plaza before that so that was über nice! Been craving mookata for the longest time. 

We lost at Escape Room. Sob. But it was good fun. Hopefully will bring Jun over to try since it's something I am pretty sure he'll enjoy.  

Speaking of Jun, he's otw here now! Will be reaching Malaysia in approx. 16 hours. Whee :D 

Ahhh can't wait to see that boy again. I've missed him too much. 

Lots of love
Amelia xo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 86/365

I'm Hello! Today, has been a great day :D

First off, started my day with a couple of episodes of My Love From The Stars. I'm up to episode 13 now! I think I'll finish it by tomorrow. Exciting. Hehehe 

Also, went by The Inc. at Scott Garden for a little pamper session as introduced by Swan! 

I'm a unicorn! Hahahaha 

Went for a cut, color and treatment sesh for my hair and I am now with a shorter do and a darker hair tone.  Got a two-tone color so, after a few washes, my highlights will start to show! Exciting. It was my first time dying my hair professionally too. Been doing it with box hair color for the longest time. ( since I was about 16 years old) 

Anyway, after 2.5 hours in the saloon I was crazy hunger and was super craving zhap fan! So off I went to my favourite 12号 mixed rice shop in Yulek! 

All this for RM4! So good too and totally hit the spot. 

Then I went home and watched more of the K-Drama. And then I got ready for dins! Woohoo 

We went to Coco Stramboat, the Old Klang Road branch ! I've had coco a few times already so I know I love it. I am glad everyone enjoyed it as well :) 

As you can see, I've been making good use of my fish eye lens.  LOL best purchase March 2014!!!!! 

Then we made our way to Chatime for a chat afterwards and for something sweet to fill our tummies. 

It was so much fun seeing everyone today! 

Ahhh... Today has been such a good day, I am majorly thankful. Also B told me he had checked in online already so OH MY DAYS only two more days till I see my love! HEHE 

Okay, one more episode of MLFTS, then off to bed I go! 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 84 & 85 /365

Didn't do much yesterday. Day #1 of unemployment.. Got a good lie in, in the morning and proceeded to obtain My Love from The Stars. The Korean drama that everyone is cray about ATM! Good reason why too. Finished 7 episodes yesterday and totally loved it! Jeon Ji Hyun is super pretty! I mean, I loved her in Windstruck and Daisy so I knew I was going to love her in this drama. Everyone who's watched the series finished has told me that it has a good ending so I am most definitely looking forward to the end of the series! Hehe 

I would put pictures up but I'm too darn lazy to transfer them ATM so I will post them up some day. 

One thing I am super stoked about today is I finally purchased my ollo clip replica! The fish lens and macro/wide lens for my iPhone! Mad happy. Only for RM36 as well which is great considering the originally costsa bout SGD75. So major big saving there and it works just as well. 

Also went for my last #Churpremiere as a Churpie today! Quite sad actually, I am going to miss handing out tickets to Churpers and making their day :( oh well, I'll hopefully attend other #Churpremieres as a Churpers myself! That would be a different experience. Hehe 

I've got a hair appointment tomorrow and I am super looking forward as I am going to try something that I have never tried before! Hehehe wish me luck. 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 83/365


I don't quite know where to start but basically, today was my last day with work. I'm taking a short break for personal reasons and will hopefully resume job hunting soon enough! That said though, I'll be heading back to Brunei for a short bit too (short as in 5 weeks, I think -- have yet to buy my tickets so, we'll see!). I am actually hoping to take this time to really just relax and have some me time. Plus it'll be super nice to see Pepper, Scamp and Melody too! I miss my fur babies way too much.

Anyway, my experience with my last day of work was emotional to say the least. I am already quite the emotional person so imagine me parting with my desk and computer screen that I have so lovingly stared at for the past 6 months! Dang, it was tough. Was totes holding back tears while clearing my desk up.

I have such an unhealthy attachment to things, it's a little weird.

So, here are some pictures I took for the last time outside Heritage House/ in the office!

Here, we have my #FOTD. Taken at 7:20AM, bright and early in the office.
My lips are by MAC - Chatterbox. LOVE THAT COLOUR. I am so certain it could be the first lipstick I ever finish. Also, I got a hair appointment booked for Thursday, so defo looking forward to that!

Here are the girlies, Jen is a new addition to the office and she's very chirpy and blur which is a nice change :) Glad to have met you Jen! Everyone who reads my blog knows Su Wan and Rosanne by now I guess. Hehe

With the twin towers! I am only 156.5CM tall so #dontjudge. Haha On my right is Ka Wah, the guy who seriously had a lot of patience to teach me everything  I needed to know. Sorry I couldn't pass on all that information in my head to the new girl!  

(L-R) Eric (who btw, on his first day, I mistook him as a super tan chinese. I was half right though! Cause he is a Chindian. HEHE), Jen, Swan, myself, Rosy and KW! 

Part of the CC Team. Missing Charissa!  (L-R) Darren, myself, KW and Mijel. 

Sometimes I like my height cause it makes me look tiny. LOL 

It does feel a little odd knowing I am unemployed once again, but I think I need sometime to just really relax the crap out of my back and just chill the fuck out. It's nice that Jun will be here in 4 days! And I'll be seeing my momma in 5 days and my daddy in 7 days and soon we'll be reunited and chilling out as a fam! :D Thankful for all these opportunities and blessings in my life, always.

Also, I've been hitting the gym with D, C and occassionally J a couple times a week for the past month or so. I've apparently checked in for 5 weeks now! So that's what I've been doing. I have been enjoying it though and I am a wee worried about stopping the flow while Jun is here and while I am back in Brunei. Will need to find someone who can go with me cause I don't I'd have the motivation to go myself (or the strength tbh) haha! I mean, I am actually making progress y'know?! Hate to see it all go to waste (T_T)

So, if you know anyone who'd like to go to the gym with me whilst in Brunei and is patient and knows what he/she's doing, lemme know! I need to make new friends/ I don't know many people in Brunei. Which I know, is kinda off considering I lived all my life there. But I guess that's just the way it is. I suppose, I am quite an introvert. But try to come out of my shell a little. ZZZ 

Wow, it's midnight already! Hope everyone has a great week! I'm going to be unwinding myself for a bit before the LOML arrives 4PM Saturday! whoooopeeee

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 82/365

Wow. Like that the weekend had just past. The next weekend (the one coming up) is going to be super exciting and filled with lots of new memories. So defo looking forward to that! 

Rosanne brought me to Yeast this morning to eat and it was such a lovely quaint place with super delicious croissants. To be fair, all their bread looked super delish so I must go back and try out their other dishes. It's a French café so their dishes were all very French. (Lol wtf Amelia) 

My ham and cheese croissant which was super super delish. Like this picture doesn't do it any justice! 

Here's some pictures from an event last night. Nuffnang turns 7 this years so there was a celebration! 

Didn't manage to take too many pictures. It was horrendously hot too. Didn't stop sweating at all. But the food was nice, all them garlic rice! Hehe 

Anyway, I'm soooo super tired for some reason. I am just going to pop into my deep slumber and hopefully get some nasi lemak tomorrow for breakfast! *hopeful* HEHEHEHE 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 81/365

Got a bunch of things to say today. But I am way too tired so I'll recap tomorrow! 

Hope everyone had a good Saturday. Mine was decent. Haha 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo 

P/s Jun will be here in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 80/365

Hello wello! Today I unlocked an achievement. Getting stuck in the jam otw home from work for a total of 3.5 hours! Jam-free, the journey would've only taken me max 45 minutes. 

What a pain in the arse. 

My phone battery also died on me halfway through. So, had to find other means of entertaining myself while being stuck in the jam. 

1) singing out loud and rocking to every song that comes on. This includes Taylor Swift, Boyz2Men, Usher and random Chinese songs. 

2) listened and tried to sing to the whole of Lorde's album 3 times. It's not an easy task but someone's got to try it! Lol half the time I don't really know what's she singing about and I've been listening to her album on repeat for nearly 3 weeks now. 

3) curse every living thing that tries to cut into my lane and then proceed to drive really closely to them. 

4) avoid buses and taxis at all cost. 

Pretty much. Oh, and wondering when on earth am I ever going to reach home. Haha. I am very much a drama queen, so please excuse that. Haha! 

Got home and being stuck in the jam really just squeezes every last drop of sanity from you that I felt so darn tired. Even skipped dinner cause of how tired I was and now I am regretting that decision and most likely will be grabbing some cereal for dins. 

Yes, cereal for dins. At 10:30PM. 

I like breakfast food very much. Thank you. 

Here's a picture of Scamp and Pepper chilling out together. Lol 

I'll be seeing them in a month! 

Lots of love
Amelia xo 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 79/365

Been obsessed playing this game called "flutter". It's basically a butterfly farm game where you harvest pollens and have different species of butterflies and stuff. It's über fun! Hehe it's something to pass time with. So I'm glad for it. Thanks to Justin for introducing. I totes enjoy these kind of games. 

One more day to the weekend! Can't wait for this week to be over. Been on an emotional rollecoaster this week and it is so darn tiring!  

I seem to do this to myself tho. Thinking too much and so much self hate. Too much self hate to be completely honest. Gah. 

Apart from that, life has been alright. I week tomorrow and Jun gets on that airplane to me! So exciting just thinking about it. 

Anyway, I've had a tiring day so please excuse me as I head to sleep early tonight. 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo 

Day 78/365


Today has been a pretty tiring day for myself. 

Finally got my appointment for the hospital regarding my back. I was told my appointment was at 9am so we went at 8 just to be safe. Oh boy. Were we in for a treat! 

Basically, a whole load of people are given 9am appointments as well so it doesn't really matter what time you get, be preparers to wait for a couple of hours! 

In my case, I waited for 6.5 hours before finally getting my turn. And then my appointment with the doctor took a further half an hour and waited for another 20 mins for further instructions. 

That's 7.5 hours ish already. Then we had to Hunt down different departments to secure further appts and then head back to my doctor to let her know. So that I could secure my second appointment with her again. 


Then after that, I had to look for a couple more departments including the pharmacy whereby I got my month's long medication. Woohoo. 

All in all, it was a full day's of work. It was so freaking exhausting I felt like every little molecule of energy in me was used up :( plus, I didn't have anything to eat the entire time I was there either so that probably contributed to my lethargic state. 

I am already not looking forward to my next visit in two months time. Seriously. 

What an experience. I guess that's what government hospitals are like.. Even half government ones. Registration fee was already a whopping RM50! Wtf. 

I wish I had funds for a private hospital -- please ignore my whines. 

On a much brighter note, I got to see my love while he had his breakfast. It's been a while since I've seen him in UK daylight. I've missed his I've-just-woken-up face too much. 10 more days till I'm driving down to pick him up from KLIA! Whee 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo