Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 114/365

So onwards with the journey with #JunInSEA. I want to say JunInMalaysia, but he wasn't only in Malaysia and to be fair, all countries are based in SEA. So why not. Haha

On the second day that Jun is over here, we had to make a road trip up to Kedah (where I was born) to meet up with my maternal side of the family (and my mother! It's her hometown).

Having been out the night before, and only getting sleep at around 4 in the morning... I was awake by 5AM and by 6AM we were both out of the house. *SO PROUD* We decided to get some food in our tums before starting our 6 hour journey on the road - a total of 423 KMs to be exact.

What's better than Roti telur at 6AM??? ?NOTHING. mwahahha
 Anyway, it was really tiring driving for such long hours. It was definitely a first for me (driving- I mean). The longest I've ever driven was maybe for a good 2 hours. But 6 hours or even 3? Nah, never in my life. So soon enough, my hands started getting numb and I was getting uber sleepy. Even though Jun was lovely enough to stay up with me all the way and we were singing along to lots of The Script and the sorts.

Half way through, I realised I couldn't go on (so dramatic LOL), but really. We were already stopping at all the rest stops and I was getting sooo restless that Jun decided to step in! hehe B doesn't have a license yet but I guess the highway was just made of super straight roads so why not right. Here's some pictures of my love driving the car! wh00p wh00p.

I most definitely felt safe seeing as I fell asleep for about 100KM and only had to wake cause Jun didn't know where I had kept my Touch and Go card! Well done baby! :D

I had so much fun driving down with you, love. You're the best companion I could ever ask for! hehe and I am super happy you didn't succumb to the sleepy monster even though you were most probably jetlag as all hell  and tired from having so little sleep!

Anyway, we reached Kedah and was reunited with my mom's side of the family. So there was a whole reunion lunch thing and then we went to ching ming my grandparents and had lots and lots of food in between..

Here's us at a stall trying out Pasembur, mee jawa and had really nice roti telur bawang.
Then our parents sort of went home to chill out but I had to get some stuff done for my dad before I met him in Penang so Wei, Jun and I decided to go check out one of the techy malls. (LOL) and then we ended up wasting time in an arcade! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We must've spent about 2 hours there.

We stayed there until we had to meet the oldies for dinner, luckily it was just a walking distance away so we did that! That night, we had some really good nasi lemak. (K Nasi Lemak -- if you're wondering and ever wanting to try when you head down to Kedah) and some wanton mee. hehe

Overall it was such a lovely day. So busy from morning to night that I think we all had a really good sleep that night! I think it was quite overwhelming for Jun cause he actually met nearly 80% of my mom's side of the family and we both weren't quite expecting that! I thought it would just be a couple of them lol .

But I'm glad he got to meet them anyway :)

In the next blog post, I'll be touching bases on our 2D/1N journey to Hatyai!

Today marks our 29th month of being together!

This picture was taken exactly 1 year and 2 days ago!

Posted this quote on my Instagram today, but I think it's super app and therefore will post it here too:
"You don't need another human being to make your life complete, but let's be honest. Having your wounds kissed by someone who doesn't see them as disasters in your soul but cracks to put their love into has to be one of the most calming thing in this world."
 And, it is. Thank you for pouring all your love in all my wounds, you've patched me up real well and you're always there to pour more when these wounds reappear. You calm me. So much.

I love you, desperately and completely.

Big chuchus,
Amelia xox

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 113/365

Seeing as how I am quite free right now, I'll attempt to blog about the best thing ever that has happened to me in 2014 so far! Of course I'm talking about when Jun came over to visit. :)

In case you're a new reader on this blog, here's a little history. My boyfriend Jun (his name is really Yat Jun, or sometimes I address him as B on my blog) came into my life late 2011. Better late than never because we've been together ever since and it's been just about the greatest thing in my life. Right now, he's still studying in the UK while I am over here in South-East Asia beginning life. Therefore: LDR happened. (LDR meaning Long distance relationship). This Easter, he popped over for his virgin visit to Malaysia for a whole amazing 3 weeks. While he was here, we also went to Hatyai, Thailand for an overnight trip as well as Singapore for a weekend. Also, I haven't seen him in person since August 2013 so it's been a good 7 months away from each other!

Just before I went to pick him up on the 28th of March 2014, I had all sorts of butterflies! I can't even begin to explain just how I was feeling. My tummy was twisted in all sorts of ways, I was pretty much on the verge of crying at the very thought of him walking out at the arrival hall (tbh, I did tear up several time).. it was crazy. I had my nails did that day too (first time trying out gelish! I'm totally hooked. hehe) and then proceeded to drive down to the airport. I was early by an hour and for that whole hour I couldn't keep my eyes off the gates!

Anyway, the minute he walked out. All these feelings man. Only the best feelings of course. :) I didn't take pictures cause I was all anxious about getting to him in case he thought I was late! hahahaa 

This is our first picture taken together in 2014!

 Brought Jun home and unpacked a little and let him refresh himself. He's just been on a journey for the past 20 hours (having a pretty long stopover in Amsterdam as well). He brought over a couple of  things for me and one of my favourite has got to be this ring (amongst other amazing things: like a WHOLE VICTORIAN SPONGE CAKE (i kid you not. This boy.)  as well as Lang Leav's Love & Misadventure - been dying to have a copy of this book. and other lovely lovely surprises): 

Meant to be for Valentines! hehe
After that, I picked Justin and Ches up and together all three guys went for a haircut! Daryl also went for the haircut but unfortunately, he had dinner already so he didn't get to join us for Bah Kut Teh after wards! 

Jun's first Malaysian meal! He had some rendang on the flight over to Msia but we're not going to count that right... lol

After dinner, Jun and I proceeded to the Beer Factory at Scott Garden to meet up with Aster, Eric, Swan and Gillian for some beer and banter! 

Pretty much was a good night. We didn't get back till after 1 in the morning and it was pretty havoc since we had to pack our bags for a week in Kedah + Penang and we were leaving at 6am that morning too. All in all, we didn't get some shut eye till nearly 4 in the morning! haha

Will continue this tomorrow :) Typing this out and reliving all of this in my head makes me want to tear up cause I miss Jun too much. Only 4 days since I was last with him but it feels like FOREVER. (Exaggerating Amelia is obvs out to play lol) but #truetalk tho, Jun is one of my best friends and I am so blessed to have him as my boy friend. HE'S the sweetest and loveliest, I could never ask for more. :D

HAHAHA ok I'll stop.

On a whole other note, today was pretty relaxing. Brunei is so devastatingly hot! I think it's even hotter than KL. Is that even possible?! zzz

I'm still down with the flu and a terrible throat so I'm still on meds. Unfortunately, these medications are all non-drowsy so I've not been getting help in the sleeping department. Sienz. haha

Thanks for taking time to read, and I apologize if you were cringing at some point. SORREH. haha

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 112/365 - I turned 23!


I haven't spent my birthday in Brunei for a good 4 years. So I am so glad to be able to do it here this time round. Year after year I've always hosted parties with different themes so this year was definitely a huge difference for me since I didn't have a party so there were no preparations done beforehand. Hehe 

Had birthday dinner with the fambam and that was nice. Just to have everyone around :) it's been a good while since we've been able to do that actually. 

Then Chloe (with whom I have not spent my birthdays with either) came round to mine after dins with a cake and my birthday present! Thanks love, really appreciated the visit! So blessed to have you as a friend :) 

Here's a picture of me: a fresh 23 year old. Here's to an exciting-dont-know-what-to-expect year!  Right now, I'm at the point in life where I'm just not sure bout lots of things. So fingers crossed for life. Hehe 

A big thank you to everyone who took their time to wish me- through text, and all other forms of social media. I really appreciate it. 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 111/365

Hello everyone!

Still not feeling any better, this throat is killing me and the sniffles just keep making my eyes water. Which really, isn't helping at all.

Anyway, seeing as how I haven't blogged properly in a while, I think I will need some time to get into this business again. Gimme some time! hehe.

I will need to sort out my pictures, and transfer them from my phones to the lappy, cam to the lappy and then hopefully I'll be able to blog properly!

OH YA. I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog officially yet, but remember how I blogged about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in ROSE GOLD a while back? Well, that post won me a phone! That's right, it won me a spanking brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in ROSE GOLD. Whee. I was given this piece of news on April's Fools day as well, so I wasn't quite sure whether or not to believe it but it wasn't a joke at all!

Super blessed for this, I've been wanting a new phone for a while now so  getting this was great! Still using my iPhone5 tho, only because I still prefer the camera on the iPhone. The Samsung Note 3's camera is a little on the bad side tbh. Don't quite like it.

Thank you to everyone who helped me in this little quest! I succeeded (well, couldn't have done it without your help really) -- woohoo! hehe 

Overall, just so happy to have a new gadget to play with. :D

Spoke to B over Line chat today and it felt so surreal that he was just with me in person a little over 2 days ago! To see his face and not being able to touch it again is really quite unbearable. Oh well, the downsides of LDRs. Still thankful I got to see his face and hear his darling voice anyway!

Hope everyone had a great week.

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 110/365

I apologize. Unfortunately, I am feeling so ill (down with the sniffles. How unlucky am I?) that I can barely keep my eyes open. Early night in for me.

Hopefully will be back tomorrow, when I am feeling better. I've downed meds already so fingers crossed!

Amelia xo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 87/365

Finished watching MLFTS today! Ending was a little meh for me but I guess it was better than a bad ending. I love Hae Kyung! He's my fav. character. Such a gentleman can? Wahhhhhh. 

Also love the way Song Yi says Sorrehhhh. Haha! And the way she speaks to her car. So good. 

I also love her lip colours; as do the rest of the world. 

Anyway, went to Escape Room today thanks to ChurpChurp! Swan and I had BBQ Plaza before that so that was über nice! Been craving mookata for the longest time. 

We lost at Escape Room. Sob. But it was good fun. Hopefully will bring Jun over to try since it's something I am pretty sure he'll enjoy.  

Speaking of Jun, he's otw here now! Will be reaching Malaysia in approx. 16 hours. Whee :D 

Ahhh can't wait to see that boy again. I've missed him too much. 

Lots of love
Amelia xo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 86/365

I'm Hello! Today, has been a great day :D

First off, started my day with a couple of episodes of My Love From The Stars. I'm up to episode 13 now! I think I'll finish it by tomorrow. Exciting. Hehehe 

Also, went by The Inc. at Scott Garden for a little pamper session as introduced by Swan! 

I'm a unicorn! Hahahaha 

Went for a cut, color and treatment sesh for my hair and I am now with a shorter do and a darker hair tone.  Got a two-tone color so, after a few washes, my highlights will start to show! Exciting. It was my first time dying my hair professionally too. Been doing it with box hair color for the longest time. ( since I was about 16 years old) 

Anyway, after 2.5 hours in the saloon I was crazy hunger and was super craving zhap fan! So off I went to my favourite 12号 mixed rice shop in Yulek! 

All this for RM4! So good too and totally hit the spot. 

Then I went home and watched more of the K-Drama. And then I got ready for dins! Woohoo 

We went to Coco Stramboat, the Old Klang Road branch ! I've had coco a few times already so I know I love it. I am glad everyone enjoyed it as well :) 

As you can see, I've been making good use of my fish eye lens.  LOL best purchase March 2014!!!!! 

Then we made our way to Chatime for a chat afterwards and for something sweet to fill our tummies. 

It was so much fun seeing everyone today! 

Ahhh... Today has been such a good day, I am majorly thankful. Also B told me he had checked in online already so OH MY DAYS only two more days till I see my love! HEHE 

Okay, one more episode of MLFTS, then off to bed I go! 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 84 & 85 /365

Didn't do much yesterday. Day #1 of unemployment.. Got a good lie in, in the morning and proceeded to obtain My Love from The Stars. The Korean drama that everyone is cray about ATM! Good reason why too. Finished 7 episodes yesterday and totally loved it! Jeon Ji Hyun is super pretty! I mean, I loved her in Windstruck and Daisy so I knew I was going to love her in this drama. Everyone who's watched the series finished has told me that it has a good ending so I am most definitely looking forward to the end of the series! Hehe 

I would put pictures up but I'm too darn lazy to transfer them ATM so I will post them up some day. 

One thing I am super stoked about today is I finally purchased my ollo clip replica! The fish lens and macro/wide lens for my iPhone! Mad happy. Only for RM36 as well which is great considering the originally costsa bout SGD75. So major big saving there and it works just as well. 

Also went for my last #Churpremiere as a Churpie today! Quite sad actually, I am going to miss handing out tickets to Churpers and making their day :( oh well, I'll hopefully attend other #Churpremieres as a Churpers myself! That would be a different experience. Hehe 

I've got a hair appointment tomorrow and I am super looking forward as I am going to try something that I have never tried before! Hehehe wish me luck. 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 83/365


I don't quite know where to start but basically, today was my last day with work. I'm taking a short break for personal reasons and will hopefully resume job hunting soon enough! That said though, I'll be heading back to Brunei for a short bit too (short as in 5 weeks, I think -- have yet to buy my tickets so, we'll see!). I am actually hoping to take this time to really just relax and have some me time. Plus it'll be super nice to see Pepper, Scamp and Melody too! I miss my fur babies way too much.

Anyway, my experience with my last day of work was emotional to say the least. I am already quite the emotional person so imagine me parting with my desk and computer screen that I have so lovingly stared at for the past 6 months! Dang, it was tough. Was totes holding back tears while clearing my desk up.

I have such an unhealthy attachment to things, it's a little weird.

So, here are some pictures I took for the last time outside Heritage House/ in the office!

Here, we have my #FOTD. Taken at 7:20AM, bright and early in the office.
My lips are by MAC - Chatterbox. LOVE THAT COLOUR. I am so certain it could be the first lipstick I ever finish. Also, I got a hair appointment booked for Thursday, so defo looking forward to that!

Here are the girlies, Jen is a new addition to the office and she's very chirpy and blur which is a nice change :) Glad to have met you Jen! Everyone who reads my blog knows Su Wan and Rosanne by now I guess. Hehe

With the twin towers! I am only 156.5CM tall so #dontjudge. Haha On my right is Ka Wah, the guy who seriously had a lot of patience to teach me everything  I needed to know. Sorry I couldn't pass on all that information in my head to the new girl!  

(L-R) Eric (who btw, on his first day, I mistook him as a super tan chinese. I was half right though! Cause he is a Chindian. HEHE), Jen, Swan, myself, Rosy and KW! 

Part of the CC Team. Missing Charissa!  (L-R) Darren, myself, KW and Mijel. 

Sometimes I like my height cause it makes me look tiny. LOL 

It does feel a little odd knowing I am unemployed once again, but I think I need sometime to just really relax the crap out of my back and just chill the fuck out. It's nice that Jun will be here in 4 days! And I'll be seeing my momma in 5 days and my daddy in 7 days and soon we'll be reunited and chilling out as a fam! :D Thankful for all these opportunities and blessings in my life, always.

Also, I've been hitting the gym with D, C and occassionally J a couple times a week for the past month or so. I've apparently checked in for 5 weeks now! So that's what I've been doing. I have been enjoying it though and I am a wee worried about stopping the flow while Jun is here and while I am back in Brunei. Will need to find someone who can go with me cause I don't I'd have the motivation to go myself (or the strength tbh) haha! I mean, I am actually making progress y'know?! Hate to see it all go to waste (T_T)

So, if you know anyone who'd like to go to the gym with me whilst in Brunei and is patient and knows what he/she's doing, lemme know! I need to make new friends/ I don't know many people in Brunei. Which I know, is kinda off considering I lived all my life there. But I guess that's just the way it is. I suppose, I am quite an introvert. But try to come out of my shell a little. ZZZ 

Wow, it's midnight already! Hope everyone has a great week! I'm going to be unwinding myself for a bit before the LOML arrives 4PM Saturday! whoooopeeee

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 82/365

Wow. Like that the weekend had just past. The next weekend (the one coming up) is going to be super exciting and filled with lots of new memories. So defo looking forward to that! 

Rosanne brought me to Yeast this morning to eat and it was such a lovely quaint place with super delicious croissants. To be fair, all their bread looked super delish so I must go back and try out their other dishes. It's a French café so their dishes were all very French. (Lol wtf Amelia) 

My ham and cheese croissant which was super super delish. Like this picture doesn't do it any justice! 

Here's some pictures from an event last night. Nuffnang turns 7 this years so there was a celebration! 

Didn't manage to take too many pictures. It was horrendously hot too. Didn't stop sweating at all. But the food was nice, all them garlic rice! Hehe 

Anyway, I'm soooo super tired for some reason. I am just going to pop into my deep slumber and hopefully get some nasi lemak tomorrow for breakfast! *hopeful* HEHEHEHE 

Lots of love 
Amelia xo