Friday, September 11, 2015

The End

It's hard, it's hard. I've rewritten (sorry, retyped) the beginning of this blog post about a million times. Delete, delete, delete, start over.. delete, delete, delete, start over.. but you know what? It really is hard, trying to come up with the appropriate opening to end something that's been with me for the past decade. (Short of one month).

I started this blog in October 2005. It's been approximately 9 years and 11 months since I started Bytes-Infinitum. I started this blog, with crazy blog layouts. I used to love Adobe Photoshop and coming up with different sorts of blog layouts. Those were the days.. with Photobucket and all.

Damn, actually looking back this blog's been through a lot with me. Good times, bad times, my first heartbreak to my last heartbreak. First love to what I supposed was the greatest love I've received (so far.

The reason this will be the last post on this blog ever, is because, the other day, I was going through the blog for old times sake and this blog got me tearing up like mad.

I just can't anymore. I can't.

I can't come back to this blog because it gives me too many memories. Far too many that hurts, and far too many that reminds me I was once happy.

I will be happy soon, some day, maybe, I'm sure of it. But until then, I need to stop reading what used to make me happy, especially if it's something I can't seem to obtain as of now.

I'll be blogging somewhere else of course. I'll update when it's all up and running

but for the meantime,

Thank you Bytes-Infinitum for being there when I needed somewhere to vent, or to share my happiness/sadness with. It's been a real pleasure. You'll forever be on the internet as long as blogger doesn't shut down. So cheers to that.

And to all of y'all that's stuck with me till the very end. (LOL- like as if I'm about to vanish, I can assure you I'm not - Diana, don't worry). Thank you for reading everything that I've typed. Thank you for the kind comments and thank you, just thank you.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where has all the time gone?

And with a blink of an eye (yes one eye. I've started twitching a lot lately hahaha), it's already the end of July. Haven't visited my own blog in forever, and was startled to see that my last post was mid January! That's half a year gone by and I've not bothered to blog. Mostly because I have been so busy with life and just, there's been so many things to do and so many emotions to be felt.

Decided to blog today because I've missed ranting in words, and typing fiercely and without hesitation. To put it simply, I've missed writing. And it's not just writing about make-up that I've missed (haven't had the budget or time to buy new make-up.. I know, the sadness) but I've missed writing about how I felt or what I've been doing without being afraid of being judged.

These days, I realised, I have been keeping myself locked up in a box. Not a very big box, a medium one with a few people in there with me. Okay, that come out a little wrong, but like you know, there are a few people that I pour my heart and soul out too so it's been alright but I still feel like there's something missing.

Am I happy? Yet? I think the right answer would be no.. I'm not happy.. yet. I'm good, I'm alright, I'm content.. but I'm not at the level of happy I think I could potentially be. I'm even starting to question the definition of happiness, is it the amount of laughter you go through every day or how much you smile? Cause I definitely laugh everyday and I most definitely smile everyday. But at the end of the night, when I'm home.. I just feel like emo-ing.. mostly. Or just knocking out (which on most days is a good thing). There are times when I'm restless and can't sleep and thank goodness for the time difference because my love, Diana usually will be there to talk to me till I finally get sleepy, but when she is not, I tumblr and overthink about life.

Some days, I pat myself on the back because I feel like I've come a long way from dark days. Some days,  I'm not so sure. I've taken up calligraphy and it's been a good past time.. some nights  I can sit and write and practice for hours and hours till it's past midnight and my eyes are tearing up to sleep. Maybe when I consider myself good enough, I'll post some here for memories.

Where is all the time going to? I think about what I have done this year and whilst I had done a fair bit, I still feel like I haven't done quite enough and I can't think about what I can do with the remaining 5 months of 2015. In a month's time, I will be reunited with Diana and Chloe, and Allisan in Bangkok and I am really, really, REALLY, looking forward to that. Mostly because my three favourite people are going to be with me at the same time in a really awesome city, so that's a lot to look forward to there. You know, I was already going to BKK with Alli, but when Chloe and Diana confirmed that they too, could meet us up there, I was so happy I could cry. My face was actually hurting from smiling so much haha.

Also, I've finally finally been to Melbourne now. At one point, it felt like I was the only person on this world that's not been to Melbourne, so I'm glad I can say that I've finally visited and I enjoyed myself! I would say, mostly my tummy enjoyed it. Packed on a fair bit of weight there and I almost don't regret it. Visited Philip Island and penguins almost became my new favourite animal (can't compare with rabbits and dogs though.. I cannot.), only because they were SO cute and smart and just lovely. I don't think anyone could stay upset watching them walk. That was a good experience. I also got to see some koalas and kangaroos, which I was excited for. The last time I was in Australia, I was in Primary 6, perhaps? So it's been a while. I still prefer the UK for many things, but I can see why people like Australia too. hehe

I want to be back in this space soon. It's nice to be able to type again hehe It really has been a while. Before I leave today, I want to share this little quote that I came across whilst tumblring today. It really hit a spot and made me want to cry.
“Someone can be madly in love with you and still not be ready. They can love you in a way you have never been loved and still not join you on the bridge. And whatever their reasons you must leave. Because you never ever have to inspire anyone to meet you on the bridge. You never ever have to convince someone to do the work to be ready. There is more extraordinary love, more love that you have never seen, out here in this wide and wild universe. And there is the love that will be ready.” ― Nayyirah Waheed
And I think it's so true. There's another quote that I love so much that goes like this: 
"Wait for the person that makes things feel effortless. You should not have to try so hard to keep him. If he's the right person, he'll stand by you no matter what and you won't have to exhaust yourself with trying to make him stay." 
 And my most favourite quote of all:
"The truth is that the more intimately you know someone, the more clearly you'll see their flaws. That's just the way it is. This is why marriages fail, why children are abandoned, why friendships don't last. You might think you love someone until you see the way they act when they are out of money or under pressure or hungry. For goodness' sake. Love is something different. Love is choosing to serve someone and be with someone in spite of their filthy heart. Love is patient and kind, love is deliberate. Love is hard. Love is pain and sacrifice, it's seeing the darkness in another person and defying the impulse to jump ship." 
 Basically, what the world of quotes is trying to tell me and all of y'all out there is that if a person loves you, they'll love you. Irregardless of everything.

Some days I feel like I'm the most difficult person to love and some days I feel I'm really not that bad. Some days people make me feel like I am not worthy of their time, or their love and it's hard on those days, but then there's also more days where people make me feel like I am worth their time and love and I am especially thankful for these people because y'all really do lift me out of the clouds. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for listening to me, and not judging me and just letting me air out my heart. It gets so stuffy in there with all the thoughts and silly things I keep in there. Some days, I just wish I didn't feel so much.

It would be so much easier if I was cold hearted.

Lots of love,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Number76 - UltraSonic Premium Hair Treatment

Now, talk about destress-ing after a hectic start in to the new year! Also, totally appropriate timing because err'body needs to ring in the new year with new hair... 

Managed to get an appointment with Amy who is the Style Director as well as the Branch Manager for Number76 Bangsar 2. It was my first time visiting the Bangsar 2 branch as I had previously been to the 1st branch in Bangsar. It's a real pretty saloon though, very rustic and comfortable. I especially appreciated the wooden floors, gave such a nice old school vibe to it. 

Now, Amy's great. In case you haven't seen her IG Feed (Which is all kinds of pretty), check her out @76amy. She makes me wish I still had my long hair because she can really do magic on hair. Damn. #FirstRegretof2015

So I told Amy I needed a trim, because my bob (?) was getting really heavy and I've been trying to grow my hair out again so definitely didn't want to miss out on length and she gave me a really good trim, taking half the weight of my hair away. And the length is still there but I'm just feeling so much lighter and my time in the morning spent curling my damn hair has been cut into half! :D MAD HAPPY. 

The most exciting thing for me was to try out Number76 Signature Hair Treatment which is the Ultrasonic Premium! Sounds really cool right? (Esp the Ultrasonic, don't lie!)

Here's a short description: 

So after getting my hair washed, which was all very nice, I was seated and before I could open my mouth to ask (Only because the plates were red and it looked hot and my hair was wet... so you know the equation: Wet Hair + Hot Iron = not a desirable look at all), I was given a whole run down on what this treatment entails and how the plates were actually not hot at all. Actually, I touched it and yeah, not hot at all.

It turns blue when it the plates  are pressed together and you can see in the video below that it's basically vibrating (WATCH THE WATER DROPLETS). And I was told that the more damaged your hair is, the more harder it vibrates. Amy told me that it was vibrating prettttttty hard on my ends (cause it was majorly split).

Apparently, the iron has an enhanced effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that are applied to your hair. It vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment as well as help it to penetrate deep inside your hair. - See more at:
Apparently, the iron has an enhanced effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that are applied to your hair. It vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment as well as help it to penetrate deep inside your hair.
- See more at:
Apparently, the iron has an enhanced effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that are applied to your hair. It vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment as well as help it to penetrate deep inside your hair.
- See more at:

There are 3 parts to this treatment: 

1st Treatment: Made up of Collagen, protein, vitamins that your hair really needs. After which, they will use this Ultrasonic Iron to lock in all the goodness in your hair as it vibrates, so it helps to penetrate all that nourishing goodness into your hair all down to the molecules! 

2nd Treatment: Focus on split ends and mosturising your hair.

After which, you go for a rinse and back for the 3rd Treatment which is basically collagen. 

(Collagen is freaking important la hor) 

I was told that this treatment is better for high damaged hair. i.e hair that's been through hella lots.. like the bleaching process.. or all that straightening and perming. It can also help with friziness to a certain extent. 

Me getting muh hair diddddd
Let me show you the amazing results I got from this hair treatment. 


Actually, Yes. 

And I've washed my hair twice since the treatment and IT STILL BE LOOKING FABULOUS! Got plenty of compliments lo, about how soft my hair looks and FEELS (yes, I've been asking people to touch my hair, yes, I am creepy that way and yes, people do go ... oh wow.. your hair...)

Also was given this:

In order to keep my hair in tip-top condition. HEHE MAD HAPPY LAH. 

With this, the results will most likely last for a month or two, and even after that, my hair will still be in better condition than it was ever before :D 


Here's a video of me being happy about my new fluffy hair hehe


Thank you Number76 and Amy for amazing hair! 

Y'all should try out the UltraSonic Premium Hair Treatment, from the 18th of January 2015 to the 18th of February 2015, instead of the usual price (RM350) it'll only be RM280! And I think it's super worth it for the results lo... imagine all that silky goodness for CNY.  hehe A girl could get addicted to the softness of le hair.

You can make appointment online (if you're too shy to call or walk-in hehe) HERE.

Check out Number76 website HERE

Number76 (Bangsar 2)
No. 50, Jalan Telawi , Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2283 1776 / 2776
10AM - 10AM (Daily)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

Herro everyone! 
It has taken me 12 days into the new year to finally post my 1st make-up related post of 2015 and I'm happy to debut the newest members to my lipstick family! 
Shanghai Suzy
Contrary to the brand, these lippies come all the way from the land down under (i.e Australia lol) and not from China.... I was extremely blessed to have a dear friend bring them back to SEA for me! At the moment, if I am not wrong you can only get them in Australia so I am really really happy about them. 

I bought 4 of them because there was a really good deal at that time whereby if you buy 3 you get 1 free so naturally, the aunty in me had to go for the deal. They only have a limited range of colours so it was really difficult to choose! And the really cute thing is each of these lipsticks are named after a girl! Also, they come in two formula: Nourish and Matte

Here are the ones I chose: 
  • Miss Olivia - Apricot (Nourish)
  • Miss Christina - Neon Guava (Matte)
  • Miss Bree - Pink Blush (Matte)
  • Miss Mia - Foxy Hibiscus (Matte)
In terms of formula, their Nourish one is really nice, very moisturising albeit not super long-lasting. You can definitely wear it while forgoing that lipbalm beforehand. Their Matte formula is also decent, not SUPER drying and their lasting power is pretty on point.

How pretty are they?! Also, they have a new summer packaging out at the moment with translucent tops.. SO TEMPTING.

Here are the swatches on my hand. Mind you, this is only ONE swipe of the lipstick so you can see just how pigmented they are. I didn't really realise but ended up with 3 different shades of pink....... ha ha ha At least they're all pretty different from each other. (^_^)

And onto lip swatches: 
Miss Olivia
 Can I just mention just HOW much I have been obsessed with Miss Olivia, it is practically the only thing I wear these days especially since I'm very into apricot/peachy blushes at the moment. I'm down to half the stick so I'm fretting. Will have to retire it for a while because I'm afraid of finishing it. (And I wonder why I never finish a lipstick.......)

Miss Christina

Miss Bree

Miss Mia
Check them out at If you're living in Australia, then lucky you. Everyone else, you should really try and get your hands on these lipsticks. From a lipstick addict, I can assure you YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Their promo at the moment is the Shanghai Suzy Wardrobe which basically consists of all their 8 colours for only AUD65. Shoot. *Practices self-control* 

Out of these 4 colours, which reaches out to you the most? 
(To be completely honest, from the swatches Miss Mia catches my eye but Miss Olivia really is something. hehehehe)

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

Sunday, January 4, 2015

BΔSTILLE @ KL Live 2015

So last night, this happened. 


Mad happy that I bought my tickets when I did because they were sold out pretty fast. I think I bought mine 5 days after they were released and already it was in the 3rd phase which would explain the higher pricing of tickets. Also I have been waiting for MONTHS for last night to come!!!!

Was it worth it? 


I say this because I have been listening to their entire album for a while now and I am pretty much obsessed with all of their songs. (Ask Swan, it's constantly playing in my car hehe) Not only are their songs catchy as all hell, their lyrics are pretty damn good. If I have to be completely honest, it's their songs that helped me to get through the break-up last year in one piece.  

They are the kind of band that you feel sad once the concert is over because you get into your car, and their album is playing and suddenly it's just meh cause you've heard them live and even though they are good on the album, they're EVEN better live. 

Like fo'realz, I kept going "OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD!?!?!" to both Swan and Rosanne who pretty much agreed with me. Hehe 

If you're new to Bastille, here are my top 3 songs that I'd recommend you to listen to (and actually listen to the lyrics PLS)
1) These Streets
2) Weight of Living, Pt. II
3) Laughter Lines
Naturally, the list didn't include their more popular songs like Pompeii and Things We Lost In The Fire, the latter being my #1 choice from Bastille and erhmergerd how did they even come up with those lyrics. PERFECT.
Here's some shots I managed to take last night. 


Mad happy I got to catch my first concert (and I'm pretty sure the best) of 2015 with you!

Hope everyone has had a good first week of 2015. Mine has been pretty damn awesome filled with SO much good food and basically, things are hitting off well. So #thankful.

First makeup post of 2015 will be up soon! 

lots of love,
Amelia xo

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The End, 2014.

I'm currently in the office earlier than I should be typing this mostly because a) I don't have time in the evening or night because 1) I get home too late and 2) I just want to sleep when I am home and b) because I come early to skip the jam... because.Also, I really want to get this post out before 2015 starts BECAUSE IT'S BEEN A GOOD YEAR BUT ALSO NOT A GOOD YEAR and I want to throw all this negativity out the door before 2015 starts.

Also this morning has been terrible and if it was the last day of 2014, it would be nice to say I'm definitely ending the year with a bang. A loud bang to be exact because first thing that happened this morning was a punctured tire and not any tire.. a brand new one that I've only just replaced two months ago that costed me a farking bomb. So annoyed. I am also in my specs today which is rare.. since I only wear them when it's late and I have to go out and also when I am sick and feeling like thrash. I can't wear them too long because they will start to hurt my ears..... and ugh I had no choice today. Last night, upon coming home and taking off my contacts.. all I wanted to do was shower and jump into bed, I forgot to fill my contact case with it's solution which resulted in dry crusty lenses this morning. DAMN.

Anyway, with that I am happy 2014 is coming to an end. This year albeit having a lot of good experiences and memories was pretty meh for me.

Here's my annual summary of significant (lol) things I have done/or that has happened in 2014.
  1. Moved jobs. I think this is pretty significant since they are both of different natures and just so different from each other. Learned a lot from my previous job which was fun while it lasted and learning more from my current job -- also, just recently accepted an additional role which will explain all the late nights at work.
  2. Travelled. Feb - Singapore, Switzerland (all around), April - Singapore, Thailand (Hat Yai), June - UK (London, Nottingham, Manchester), Italy (Venice, Verona, Bologna), July - Hong Kong and a couple times back and forth to Brunei. 
  3. Speaking of travelled, also first time Business Class to and fro London so that was fun. Tried out that flat bed thing and it was FUN. Never slept so much on a long-haul flight EVER.
  4. Got a car in January, my lovely Germaine. Also punctured her tire twice this year. Ugh not a good tire year lol. 
  5. Did my first long distance drive from KL to Penang and it was fun. 
  6. Jun and I split up in August.Which will be the second most saddest thing that happened to me in 2014. Although, it is a good reminder that I am stronger than I think I am (mentally and physically -- don't take me up on the physical part though ha ha ha...) and also, time heals everything really.
  7. First saddest thing to happen to me in 2014 was the passing of Melody, my darling princess of 15-16 years (she was given to us when I was in Primary 4). 
  8. Realised that people in this world will take advantage of you at any given point. Trust no bitch. Not even your relatives or people who are "close" to you. Money is evil.
  9. Speaking of money, found it extremely hard to save up any especially after being unemployed for about 2 months. Bumming is difficult. 
  10. Retired my iPhone 5 which has been serving me well since Jan 2013! Moved on to a iPhone 6 Plus. 
  11. Spent a lot more than I should have on makeup and like seriously, one of my aims next year is to actually not spend on makeup. (PRIORITIES AMELIA) 
  12. Watched a bunch of people live! Ellie Goulding, Kimbra, TAYLOR SWIFT, Vertical Horizon, Magic!, Empire of the Sun, MKTO, Tinie Tempah .. (I'm also watching Bastille this weekend but that's counted as 2015 already right? hehe)
  13. Managed to brush up my Chinese! I know I say this every year BUT SRSLY this time is FO REALZ like I can hold a proper conversation (i.e Gossip) in Chinese and the other party can fully understand me. I say Chinese, I mean Mandarin. Cantonese still a bit sheeeet and Hokkien ok la, boleh tahan i think. 
  14. Went to my first rave as well with Swan: FMFA 2014 day 2. Good times!
  15. Finally visited my first Disneyland! HongKong's but still! Disneyland! But all that people and the heat in July was really uncomfortable but still Disneyland! 
  16. Rekindled some friendships which I am happy about and let go of some unhealthy ones, all good!
As you can see, 2014 is a whole roller coaster filled with emotions Had some really bad months. But some really good months too, and really blessed to be able to travel so much too. Don't think 2015 is the year for travel tbh, got a couple of commitments starting then so OH WELL.

Hoping for better days ahead in 2015 (as always) and less negativity (seriously tho) and less frivolous spending (gurl, you be turning 24. Please sort out your priorities and no, that new palette from UD isn't gonna help) and just seriously, happier days PLEASE.

Also, I've been living with this quote:
"Everything will be okay in the end. 

If it's not okay, it's not the end.
Will be trying to focus my energy on that as well as:
"Even on bad days, there's only 24 hours.
Oh and I want to try and blog more!!!! I want to do more tutorial sort of posts.. and hopefully get my butt into videoing (once everything is settled)

Just. Happy days people. Let's all look forward to happy days. ALSO It's the year of the Goat next year! (Which is what I am) so it HAS to be a good year right? (Aster and Jeshcar has told me otherwise BUT STILL) I'd like to believe that it be our year. (Goat/Ram.. same thing) hehe

Also I want to grow my hair out. I like this whole short hair look but it's been a while since I've had long long hair. Like actually, it's been a year and a half since I've had long locks. 

Before I start rambling again..

Everyone, Have a happy happy new year, blessed 2015 and may all the good things happen to you!

lots of love
Amelia xo

Friday, December 12, 2014

Too Faced La Belle Carousel Makeup Collection

Praise the makeup gods above because I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR THIS TO HIT OUR MALAYSIAN SOIL ever since I saw it somewhere on the YouTube-verse. Obvs I was praying hard enough because this baby joined us in 1Malaysia this week. We are so lucky. 

So what is this Too Faced La Belle Carousel? It's exactly what it's name is (pardon my French - I'm not very good at it. I did 1 year of it in Uni and failed miserably.) But, I think it means The Beautiful Carousel - and a beautiful carousel it is. Basically, it looks like a carousel once it's out of it's really pretty package (that opens up like a flower!) 

How do you even say NO to this? Seriously. That glitter too.

This is what you get.
 I mean, look how cute is this? Basically if you're all in that Christmas spirit and believe in the power of gifting, you can always give them separately to people you like (or don't like very much, cause if you liked them wouldn't you just get them ONE WHOLE SET?) lol. I suppose they make really good stocking fillers. This is precisely why I will a daughter in my life next time, so I can pop such pretty things into her stockings come Christmas! (hahaha TMI, you didn't need to know that)

I have swatched these babies and they are mega glittery, but totally wearable. Like, really really pretty colours. My favourite has got to be "Boxes & Bows" and "Haute Chocolate". It's nice that they included something green (the very creatively named "Christmas Tree") since I don't have much green makeup in my collection. 

The blushes and bronzers. I've not gotten round to buying a Too Faced blush or bronzer mostly because they're always mega glittery. And these 3 (excluding Chocolate Soleil - so kind and thoughtful of them to include one matte bronzer) did not disappoint in the glitter department, I can confirm that. The colours are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to wear "Who's Your Poppy?". "Luminous Peach" from some angles look very rose gold-ish, which doesn't necessarily suit my skin tone but I guess I'll just have to rock it at some point. 

Also, aren't we all just fans of anything MINI? Well, I have a full sized version of this which I already absolutely LOVE. So imagine all them happy feels in me when I saw this tiny mini version of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Mini Review: No, I cannot confirm if it is better than sex, but this mascara is pretty on point. Very VERY voluminizing, a wee bit clumpy but definitely lengthening and it's good pretty good staying power - comparable to Benefit's They're Real Mascara (which is one of my all time FAVS). 

So, all in all, yes you're pretty damn right that I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this little collection. Is it worth your money? For RM165 at your local Sephora (it's limited edition so don't ponder over it for too long!) I think it's super worth it. You get, 4 eyeshadow quads - which is 12 eyeshadows.. , 2 blushes, 2 bronzers and a mini mascara! 

Also, having it on your vanity will look sooooo pretty, and since the sections are all detachable, they'll make super awesome travel companions! Don't worry about the lid opening since it's all magnetized so it's all good ;) 

Mad happy. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm starting mine with a walk up Batu Caves tomorrow morning, and I have a really aching calf from all them crams. Sob. 

lots of love,
Amelia x

Monday, December 1, 2014


It's been a while since I've graced my own blog with my own face. Oh yes, narcissistic Amelia is still narcissistic, don't worry.

Anyway, here's a look I did for a day out with my darling Allisan over the weekend for shopping and food (and boy, did we do a lot of both). Mostly focused on the eyes, I decided to give bright lips a miss and opted for "Kylie Jenner inspired lips".

Yes, this face be on all my social media. DON'T HATE. It's hard to take a good selfie these days.
And the main star of the day: 

All over the lid: Matt Singh
Crease: Matt Abdul 
Outer Corner: Matt Johnson 

(Can I just take a moment to SQUEAL about how much I love this palette, gifted by my darling Diana. The colours are SUPER long wearing, and they are SUPER crease proof and the colours are all so wearable. My #1 palette. Thank you Diana love!)

Eyeliner - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack 
Tearduct/Inner liner - Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude
Mascara - Benefit They're Real Mascara

If you're asking bout my brows, I finally got up the guts to do eyebrow embroidery and this is the result after 2 touch ups. I am mega happy with it! Never have to worry about wonky eyebrows ever again! lol 

Also, I've finally gotten back onto the gel liner bandwagon. It's be YONKS since I used gel liner, and I have forgotten just how much I love the outcome of it. Completely different feel from liquid liner and it's quite a refreshing change for a while. 

In terms of my lips, I am hoping to do a tutorial for it too since I have found the absolute best combo. I love it so much I've been reaching for it more than bright lips on the weekend and we all know how much I love a bright lip since I can't wear it to work. So.. yes, wait for it! 


lots of love
Amelia xoxox

Sunday, November 30, 2014

All about them Palettes

First off can I just say, I have had the longest nails for a while and since I had a little outdoor activity thang today.. I snipped them all off.. and I AM LOVING THIS FEELING of typing without the clickity clak of them nails. 

Okay, back to the topic. 


Blush Palettes. Eye Palettes. Holiday Palettes. On-the-go Palettes (you girls know what I'm talking about here *wink wink*) 

I AM OBSESSED and for some reason that I do not know of, the makeup gods keep coming out with them and I AM BROKE and actually quite honestly, cannot afford most of them right now. And the worst of all is.. 

Most of them are limited edition. 


Here are the Top 3 palette that I am UTTERLY obsessed with and with Christmas round the corner, if anyone's feeling particularly generous and not knowing where to spend that money.. you know where to find me. (lol) 

1. NARS Virtual Domination Blush Palette 

Photo Credits: EssieButton
 How beautiful is this palette? Like actually HOW? It's retailing at £45 which roughly equates to RM255. Which, sounds like a lot but if you think about it.. there's 4 almost full size blushes (1 is a highlighter but you know what I mean) and a large pan of Laguna Bronzer.. It's totally worth it. Plus it's NARS so you know you're gonna get amazing quality blushes/highlighter/bronzer. Also, this is going to last you for YONKS. Like, I've been using my NARS blushes regularly for a couple of years now and I'm not even close to making a dent in them. 

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Photo Credits: Makeup and beauty blog
Okay, I don't own any Hourglass products because they are pretty much impossible to get around Malaysia.. and they weren't in the UK whilst I was in the UK. #nofate 

But, lucky for me I've got a best friend who's still there and she's bringing this baby back for me! I'll get it when I see her in Brunei next month. SO EXCITED. I mean, already I am ecstatic I get to see Diana after a good half a year but also pretty darn ecstatic about receiving le blushes. 

Retails at £36 for 3 blushes which apparently suits any skin-tone and is super long wearing and makes your skin luminous. I don't know, I haven't tried but  I WILL. And trust me. I'll be doing a review on this one. WAIT FOR IT. 

3. Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette 

Ugh, like as if this needs any introduction right? Anyway, it is being released in good ol' Malaysia next weekend.. Saturday the 6th of December to be exact and you can bet your horses Amelia's going to be in line for this (well, only if a certain someone is also willing to go together so we can queue together lol *AHEM*). Either way, I will get my hands on this palette at some point even if it's not next Saturday. 

Being a fan of Urban Decay's Naked line -- I have all 3 Naked Palettes + Naked basics and their one of their flush palette.. I think I will love this. The eye colours are all super wearable and perfect for any occassion and that bronzer be looking heavenly and that bright pink blush? Uh.. yes?!?! 

I think it'll be retailing at RM180++ if I'm not mistaken which hello? it's super worth it lah! Comes with a full sized Naked Lipgloss too and that mascara and eyeliner might be smaller but you can always fit something in there and then you'll only EVER need one palette to carry round with you everywhere.. THINK ABOUT THE COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES. 

Hopefully will get my hands on it and then I can blog about it too! Hehe 

To be completely honest, if I can get my hand on the UD one then I'll have 2 out of these 3 that I am currently lusting over which is not too bad considering NARS Malaysia is not even bringing in the Virtual Domination palette here. I need to figure something out. (T-T) 

Are there any other palettes out there that I am missing out on? haha let me know! 

Also, everyone have a great last month of the year! Last month of 2014. That's cray man, this year has gone by WAY too fast, but I'm glad. ONWARDS TO BETTER THINGS IN 2015! 

Lots of love,
Amelia xox 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Work Appropriate Lips

What does my work bag consist of? The usuals.. my laptop, laptop charger, wallet, house keys, car keys, ear phones, tissue paper, an umbrella, and 5 lipsticks. Yup, five. Well Because y'know a girl's gotta have choices doesn't she? (To be completely honest, there's 6 but I've talked about one of them before so Imma skip that. But you can read allllll about it here.)

I am all about the bright lip. Orange, Purple, smack-in-your-face Red but when it comes to work, I know my boundaries. Gotta keep it to the MLBB (My Lips But Better) colours, or the one colour that I am completely obsessed about right now.. the dusty pink/rose (whatever you want to call it. You get the gist) 

So here are the colours that I switch about during the week depending on my eye makeup or my outfit or if my lips are chapped or not. HEHE

 From Left to Right introducing my lovelies: 
  • NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Tea Rose (628) - This colour is FABULOUS. The only thing I can't stand is the soapy aftertaste I get after applying the lipstick. It's a little gross but you get over it because the colour is beautiful. Also, because it's not drying at all and it's CHEAP. Coming in at only RM20++, available at your local Sephora.. or anywhere that sells NYX lol 
  • NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Montegobay - Now this one. I totally forgot I had it, mostly because IT BE THIN AS ALL HELL. I ain't gonna see that in the chaos that is my lipstick drawer. But I found it a couple weeks back and I have been hooooked onto it. Matte and non-drying = WIN. A bit on the pricier side at RM96. SO proud we have a full on NARS store here in Pavillion too.
  • MAC Fan Fare - Beautiful everyday-doesnt-matter-what-kind-of-eye-makeup-you-got-on colour. Got recommended this by the SA at the store so I am forever thankful. RM 70 at any MAC store. 
  • MAC Creme Cup - Now this one is a little more on the Nudy side, and I pop this on when my eyeliner's gone all wrong and because I don't bring makeup remover with me to the gym (where le face painting happens every morning before work), I have to keep layering the eyeliner on till I look like I belong in KISS so I need something to balance it all out. RM 70 too, standard for MAC.
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple (035) - Just thought I'd have one brighter colour option with me. Always handy for dinner dates right after work too! Pop it on, get rid of the unsightly backback and voila ~~~ HAHA Not sure how much I got this, check out ANYWHERE with Revlon for it. The formula is lovely, I remember them days when everyone was going gaga for it too.
  • Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Rico Mauve (E126) - What I've been reaching for most days because it's a) New and b) it's an amazing stain. It stains your lips a pretty pink even thought it's meant to be mauve and I AM IN LOVE. It's non-drying too, unless you've had it on for like a long while, then maybe it'll start making your lips chappy (IS THIS A WORD). The cheapest out of the bunch at only RM19 (I know right, what are you waiting for). Luxola now stocks up Wet N Wild. Hehe You're welcome.
Soz if the Balm Stain be looking suggestive.

Swatches without the flash. Also, finally realised I could just edit the photo and add caption in! Now it's looking more professional.. right? HEHE
Here is one with the flash, and I know it's a bad picture. Like my hand is just above some pee-ed stained floor but rest assured it's not.
 I have promised myself I will finish at least one of these tubes before buying another lipstick again. (ha ha ha) 

Lots of love
Amelia xo