Sunday, November 30, 2014

All about them Palettes

First off can I just say, I have had the longest nails for a while and since I had a little outdoor activity thang today.. I snipped them all off.. and I AM LOVING THIS FEELING of typing without the clickity clak of them nails. 

Okay, back to the topic. 


Blush Palettes. Eye Palettes. Holiday Palettes. On-the-go Palettes (you girls know what I'm talking about here *wink wink*) 

I AM OBSESSED and for some reason that I do not know of, the makeup gods keep coming out with them and I AM BROKE and actually quite honestly, cannot afford most of them right now. And the worst of all is.. 

Most of them are limited edition. 


Here are the Top 3 palette that I am UTTERLY obsessed with and with Christmas round the corner, if anyone's feeling particularly generous and not knowing where to spend that money.. you know where to find me. (lol) 

1. NARS Virtual Domination Blush Palette 

Photo Credits: EssieButton
 How beautiful is this palette? Like actually HOW? It's retailing at £45 which roughly equates to RM255. Which, sounds like a lot but if you think about it.. there's 4 almost full size blushes (1 is a highlighter but you know what I mean) and a large pan of Laguna Bronzer.. It's totally worth it. Plus it's NARS so you know you're gonna get amazing quality blushes/highlighter/bronzer. Also, this is going to last you for YONKS. Like, I've been using my NARS blushes regularly for a couple of years now and I'm not even close to making a dent in them. 

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Photo Credits: Makeup and beauty blog
Okay, I don't own any Hourglass products because they are pretty much impossible to get around Malaysia.. and they weren't in the UK whilst I was in the UK. #nofate 

But, lucky for me I've got a best friend who's still there and she's bringing this baby back for me! I'll get it when I see her in Brunei next month. SO EXCITED. I mean, already I am ecstatic I get to see Diana after a good half a year but also pretty darn ecstatic about receiving le blushes. 

Retails at £36 for 3 blushes which apparently suits any skin-tone and is super long wearing and makes your skin luminous. I don't know, I haven't tried but  I WILL. And trust me. I'll be doing a review on this one. WAIT FOR IT. 

3. Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette 

Ugh, like as if this needs any introduction right? Anyway, it is being released in good ol' Malaysia next weekend.. Saturday the 6th of December to be exact and you can bet your horses Amelia's going to be in line for this (well, only if a certain someone is also willing to go together so we can queue together lol *AHEM*). Either way, I will get my hands on this palette at some point even if it's not next Saturday. 

Being a fan of Urban Decay's Naked line -- I have all 3 Naked Palettes + Naked basics and their one of their flush palette.. I think I will love this. The eye colours are all super wearable and perfect for any occassion and that bronzer be looking heavenly and that bright pink blush? Uh.. yes?!?! 

I think it'll be retailing at RM180++ if I'm not mistaken which hello? it's super worth it lah! Comes with a full sized Naked Lipgloss too and that mascara and eyeliner might be smaller but you can always fit something in there and then you'll only EVER need one palette to carry round with you everywhere.. THINK ABOUT THE COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES. 

Hopefully will get my hands on it and then I can blog about it too! Hehe 

To be completely honest, if I can get my hand on the UD one then I'll have 2 out of these 3 that I am currently lusting over which is not too bad considering NARS Malaysia is not even bringing in the Virtual Domination palette here. I need to figure something out. (T-T) 

Are there any other palettes out there that I am missing out on? haha let me know! 

Also, everyone have a great last month of the year! Last month of 2014. That's cray man, this year has gone by WAY too fast, but I'm glad. ONWARDS TO BETTER THINGS IN 2015! 

Lots of love,
Amelia xox 

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