Monday, January 12, 2015

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

Herro everyone! 
It has taken me 12 days into the new year to finally post my 1st make-up related post of 2015 and I'm happy to debut the newest members to my lipstick family! 
Shanghai Suzy
Contrary to the brand, these lippies come all the way from the land down under (i.e Australia lol) and not from China.... I was extremely blessed to have a dear friend bring them back to SEA for me! At the moment, if I am not wrong you can only get them in Australia so I am really really happy about them. 

I bought 4 of them because there was a really good deal at that time whereby if you buy 3 you get 1 free so naturally, the aunty in me had to go for the deal. They only have a limited range of colours so it was really difficult to choose! And the really cute thing is each of these lipsticks are named after a girl! Also, they come in two formula: Nourish and Matte

Here are the ones I chose: 
  • Miss Olivia - Apricot (Nourish)
  • Miss Christina - Neon Guava (Matte)
  • Miss Bree - Pink Blush (Matte)
  • Miss Mia - Foxy Hibiscus (Matte)
In terms of formula, their Nourish one is really nice, very moisturising albeit not super long-lasting. You can definitely wear it while forgoing that lipbalm beforehand. Their Matte formula is also decent, not SUPER drying and their lasting power is pretty on point.

How pretty are they?! Also, they have a new summer packaging out at the moment with translucent tops.. SO TEMPTING.

Here are the swatches on my hand. Mind you, this is only ONE swipe of the lipstick so you can see just how pigmented they are. I didn't really realise but ended up with 3 different shades of pink....... ha ha ha At least they're all pretty different from each other. (^_^)

And onto lip swatches: 
Miss Olivia
 Can I just mention just HOW much I have been obsessed with Miss Olivia, it is practically the only thing I wear these days especially since I'm very into apricot/peachy blushes at the moment. I'm down to half the stick so I'm fretting. Will have to retire it for a while because I'm afraid of finishing it. (And I wonder why I never finish a lipstick.......)

Miss Christina

Miss Bree

Miss Mia
Check them out at If you're living in Australia, then lucky you. Everyone else, you should really try and get your hands on these lipsticks. From a lipstick addict, I can assure you YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Their promo at the moment is the Shanghai Suzy Wardrobe which basically consists of all their 8 colours for only AUD65. Shoot. *Practices self-control* 

Out of these 4 colours, which reaches out to you the most? 
(To be completely honest, from the swatches Miss Mia catches my eye but Miss Olivia really is something. hehehehe)

Lots of love,
Amelia xo


  1. why they name is shanghai?? lol funny...

  2. Grace8:18 PM

    Miss Mia is eye catching but Miss Olivia, she's alluring. :)