Friday, December 12, 2014

Too Faced La Belle Carousel Makeup Collection

Praise the makeup gods above because I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR THIS TO HIT OUR MALAYSIAN SOIL ever since I saw it somewhere on the YouTube-verse. Obvs I was praying hard enough because this baby joined us in 1Malaysia this week. We are so lucky. 

So what is this Too Faced La Belle Carousel? It's exactly what it's name is (pardon my French - I'm not very good at it. I did 1 year of it in Uni and failed miserably.) But, I think it means The Beautiful Carousel - and a beautiful carousel it is. Basically, it looks like a carousel once it's out of it's really pretty package (that opens up like a flower!) 

How do you even say NO to this? Seriously. That glitter too.

This is what you get.
 I mean, look how cute is this? Basically if you're all in that Christmas spirit and believe in the power of gifting, you can always give them separately to people you like (or don't like very much, cause if you liked them wouldn't you just get them ONE WHOLE SET?) lol. I suppose they make really good stocking fillers. This is precisely why I will a daughter in my life next time, so I can pop such pretty things into her stockings come Christmas! (hahaha TMI, you didn't need to know that)

I have swatched these babies and they are mega glittery, but totally wearable. Like, really really pretty colours. My favourite has got to be "Boxes & Bows" and "Haute Chocolate". It's nice that they included something green (the very creatively named "Christmas Tree") since I don't have much green makeup in my collection. 

The blushes and bronzers. I've not gotten round to buying a Too Faced blush or bronzer mostly because they're always mega glittery. And these 3 (excluding Chocolate Soleil - so kind and thoughtful of them to include one matte bronzer) did not disappoint in the glitter department, I can confirm that. The colours are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to wear "Who's Your Poppy?". "Luminous Peach" from some angles look very rose gold-ish, which doesn't necessarily suit my skin tone but I guess I'll just have to rock it at some point. 

Also, aren't we all just fans of anything MINI? Well, I have a full sized version of this which I already absolutely LOVE. So imagine all them happy feels in me when I saw this tiny mini version of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Mini Review: No, I cannot confirm if it is better than sex, but this mascara is pretty on point. Very VERY voluminizing, a wee bit clumpy but definitely lengthening and it's good pretty good staying power - comparable to Benefit's They're Real Mascara (which is one of my all time FAVS). 

So, all in all, yes you're pretty damn right that I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this little collection. Is it worth your money? For RM165 at your local Sephora (it's limited edition so don't ponder over it for too long!) I think it's super worth it. You get, 4 eyeshadow quads - which is 12 eyeshadows.. , 2 blushes, 2 bronzers and a mini mascara! 

Also, having it on your vanity will look sooooo pretty, and since the sections are all detachable, they'll make super awesome travel companions! Don't worry about the lid opening since it's all magnetized so it's all good ;) 

Mad happy. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm starting mine with a walk up Batu Caves tomorrow morning, and I have a really aching calf from all them crams. Sob. 

lots of love,
Amelia x


  1. SO PRETTY! Shame it's so glittery. :( Not much of a glitter person...BUT IT'S SO PRETTY AND CUTE... *internal struggle* wanna try out the mascara tho! Luminous peach blush is so MY BLUSH COLOUR. hahahaha. I should go swatch it next time at Sephora. XD

    1. I know! Glittery's not my thing too, but I've been trying out the eyeshadows and they've got a really nice sheen to it and not the kind that will have your entire face covered in glitter by the end of the night! :D go and swatch!! You might just fall in love with the entire thing! hehehehe