Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The End, 2014.

I'm currently in the office earlier than I should be typing this mostly because a) I don't have time in the evening or night because 1) I get home too late and 2) I just want to sleep when I am home and b) because I come early to skip the jam... because.Also, I really want to get this post out before 2015 starts BECAUSE IT'S BEEN A GOOD YEAR BUT ALSO NOT A GOOD YEAR and I want to throw all this negativity out the door before 2015 starts.

Also this morning has been terrible and if it was the last day of 2014, it would be nice to say I'm definitely ending the year with a bang. A loud bang to be exact because first thing that happened this morning was a punctured tire and not any tire.. a brand new one that I've only just replaced two months ago that costed me a farking bomb. So annoyed. I am also in my specs today which is rare.. since I only wear them when it's late and I have to go out and also when I am sick and feeling like thrash. I can't wear them too long because they will start to hurt my ears..... and ugh I had no choice today. Last night, upon coming home and taking off my contacts.. all I wanted to do was shower and jump into bed, I forgot to fill my contact case with it's solution which resulted in dry crusty lenses this morning. DAMN.

Anyway, with that I am happy 2014 is coming to an end. This year albeit having a lot of good experiences and memories was pretty meh for me.

Here's my annual summary of significant (lol) things I have done/or that has happened in 2014.
  1. Moved jobs. I think this is pretty significant since they are both of different natures and just so different from each other. Learned a lot from my previous job which was fun while it lasted and learning more from my current job -- also, just recently accepted an additional role which will explain all the late nights at work.
  2. Travelled. Feb - Singapore, Switzerland (all around), April - Singapore, Thailand (Hat Yai), June - UK (London, Nottingham, Manchester), Italy (Venice, Verona, Bologna), July - Hong Kong and a couple times back and forth to Brunei. 
  3. Speaking of travelled, also first time Business Class to and fro London so that was fun. Tried out that flat bed thing and it was FUN. Never slept so much on a long-haul flight EVER.
  4. Got a car in January, my lovely Germaine. Also punctured her tire twice this year. Ugh not a good tire year lol. 
  5. Did my first long distance drive from KL to Penang and it was fun. 
  6. Jun and I split up in August.Which will be the second most saddest thing that happened to me in 2014. Although, it is a good reminder that I am stronger than I think I am (mentally and physically -- don't take me up on the physical part though ha ha ha...) and also, time heals everything really.
  7. First saddest thing to happen to me in 2014 was the passing of Melody, my darling princess of 15-16 years (she was given to us when I was in Primary 4). 
  8. Realised that people in this world will take advantage of you at any given point. Trust no bitch. Not even your relatives or people who are "close" to you. Money is evil.
  9. Speaking of money, found it extremely hard to save up any especially after being unemployed for about 2 months. Bumming is difficult. 
  10. Retired my iPhone 5 which has been serving me well since Jan 2013! Moved on to a iPhone 6 Plus. 
  11. Spent a lot more than I should have on makeup and like seriously, one of my aims next year is to actually not spend on makeup. (PRIORITIES AMELIA) 
  12. Watched a bunch of people live! Ellie Goulding, Kimbra, TAYLOR SWIFT, Vertical Horizon, Magic!, Empire of the Sun, MKTO, Tinie Tempah .. (I'm also watching Bastille this weekend but that's counted as 2015 already right? hehe)
  13. Managed to brush up my Chinese! I know I say this every year BUT SRSLY this time is FO REALZ like I can hold a proper conversation (i.e Gossip) in Chinese and the other party can fully understand me. I say Chinese, I mean Mandarin. Cantonese still a bit sheeeet and Hokkien ok la, boleh tahan i think. 
  14. Went to my first rave as well with Swan: FMFA 2014 day 2. Good times!
  15. Finally visited my first Disneyland! HongKong's but still! Disneyland! But all that people and the heat in July was really uncomfortable but still Disneyland! 
  16. Rekindled some friendships which I am happy about and let go of some unhealthy ones, all good!
As you can see, 2014 is a whole roller coaster filled with emotions Had some really bad months. But some really good months too, and really blessed to be able to travel so much too. Don't think 2015 is the year for travel tbh, got a couple of commitments starting then so OH WELL.

Hoping for better days ahead in 2015 (as always) and less negativity (seriously tho) and less frivolous spending (gurl, you be turning 24. Please sort out your priorities and no, that new palette from UD isn't gonna help) and just seriously, happier days PLEASE.

Also, I've been living with this quote:
"Everything will be okay in the end. 

If it's not okay, it's not the end.
Will be trying to focus my energy on that as well as:
"Even on bad days, there's only 24 hours.
Oh and I want to try and blog more!!!! I want to do more tutorial sort of posts.. and hopefully get my butt into videoing (once everything is settled)

Just. Happy days people. Let's all look forward to happy days. ALSO It's the year of the Goat next year! (Which is what I am) so it HAS to be a good year right? (Aster and Jeshcar has told me otherwise BUT STILL) I'd like to believe that it be our year. (Goat/Ram.. same thing) hehe

Also I want to grow my hair out. I like this whole short hair look but it's been a while since I've had long long hair. Like actually, it's been a year and a half since I've had long locks. 

Before I start rambling again..

Everyone, Have a happy happy new year, blessed 2015 and may all the good things happen to you!

lots of love
Amelia xo

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