Friday, January 5, 2007


I just realized since 1st January 2007, i have not said anything about my love, rain T_T hahah so here are a couple of superhot pictures :D

at his concert in seoul.

I am going to make a new layout soon =D right now, absolutely loving Beyonce's song - irreplaceble. i lovee the lyrics and the videa. cool can :D hahahah

anyway, today ate like so much can. We (mom, cousins, aunty) ate at capers and we all had the all you can eat thing. so right, Four Ladies and One Little boy. guess how much we ate?
7 pastas and 2 10" pizzas.

I'm so proud of my stomach =D altho it is super round now. hahahahah i dont feel like eating dinner ever. so full can. then after that, we had easyway again. =D hahahahahahha.

-_- i hate my appetite. bleh.

i wonder why girl's out loud hasnt been uploaded to youtube yet. so depressing. i'm like super bored and theres nothing to do on the computer ...

Hmm. yeah okay. i'm not gonna be replying tags for now. causeee yeah. just because. i'll reply those new ones next time =) theres so few now actually. the replies and most of the bloodddy tags arent even tagged to me. -_- so abit pointless replying. haha

watched the whole of season one of the office for the 5th time again this morning :D i really cant get bored of that series i tell you. i still laugh at all the funny moments eventho i know whats gonna happen next. -_-

my hand hurts. not my hand, my super painful..

so yeah. i'll go now. bye luvs. mwah


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