Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Why thank you then Voljin for such a nice remark. hahah where in the blog did you see amelia being hilarious?=s haha and. YES i have trouble detecting sarcasm on the internet. very difficult -.- Diana, you know so much. you SHOULD have been in our class =/ bleh you. Jim, hahaha immature. i know some people we know are. Becky, he's not only cute. HES TALL =D. hello Esther Ling Xu Li. I STILL kno your full name (:

Today, my dad leaves for singapore until friday. I would be super annoyed that he hasnt been home for half of last week.and now for half of this week. but i shant (: hahahahahahaha.

I got news on what myfamily & i would be doing this chinese new year. Not going back to malaysia as hoped. Something better. and i'm thrilled =D not confirm yet tho. The original place was Japan. but since my brother would be leaving to Australia earlier than cny, he wont be joining us and HE wants to go to japan. So, my mom decided to go japan next year. I dont mind actually, cause the place we might be coming now. might even be better. maybe =s not sure. 0.15percent of the reason my dad is in spore is to check on the tours. I have been looking thru websites for tours that sounds good and i have found 3. and my dad is gonna check them out like later =D ooooh. so exciting. :D haha

i feel like eating donuts and waffles.

oh and, if i did a new layout. its okay right? (: cause i found some brilliant pictures of my 2nd love online. and it'd be nice to see him have his own layout once at least =D heeheee

And rain's concert this saturday (or sunday i forgot) in KUALA LUMPUR. i envy people on malaysia right now. getting to see the hottie live. damn. I, on the other hand have to jump at the moment someone tells me rain is on tv or something like that to catch him not even live for a freaking 3-4 minutes =( i love his In my Bed video. HOT HOT HOT :D hahahahahaha

Amelia <3

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