Saturday, February 3, 2007

I think i Just got over you.

I am so depressed. i have not blog in ages due to time limitations. However, i cant reply everyone on the tagboard cause theres quite a-plentyfull. Voljin, its not aaron. quit saying its aaron!!! ahahaaa -.- Jim, you can guess the 5cs guy? tell me monday :D haha. Hello Elena, Elic, Shim, Daph and Abby. Abby, yes SAS got hottie. only two lah. -.- haha.

Anyway, In the morning we have school and in the afternoon and evenings, i have tuition. so i have little time on the computer and shit. I just finished watching G.O.L, final episode of SEASON one. and Xiaxue's nose so pretty lah. I think next time i go find that dr huang to get my nose done :D hahaha. and the lip plumbing was nice also. =)


Right now, my brother is having is very belated birthday bbq party downstairs and by the sound of it, it just really started. -_- alot of screaming and very loud music. -.- I would love a peek downstairs cause he has some very very good looking friends. but alas! Amelia Lau is super shy and very fast malu. damnit. hahahahaha

Im supposed to be copying my Chemistry notes, Do my Add maths homework, Do my physics work and finish my tuition homework but.. im not going to doall that. not until, i finish watched THE OFFICE S03.E14 :D heehee.

I'm off to watch my sugar.

Amelia <3

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