Friday, March 16, 2007

cause every little thing she does is magic.

DENNIS, yeah spain ^^ haha, is red really good? :D hahaha DIANA, thank you luvs. RYLS, i'm telling you. God is trying to tell us something ;) HAHAHAHAHA. ESTHER, yey. you think its fresh. a relief. most of them are complaining its too bright. errrr. ELENA, use your lappy lor :D hahahah try not to use desktop orelse you come to school with red eyes and i'm to blame. =/ GARY, did it really hurt your eye? -.- REALLY? -.---- bleh. SARAH, yes heroes. i have not watched any episodes. but yeahhh 0=) hehe, glad you likee the redness ^^ NECROLIC, i dont get how come black and red dont go together -.- and the girl is from HEROES. also acted in raising helen. ELICSMELLY, haha your monitor sucks cause you cant see the new layout? HAHAHAH. oh and bon bon is sweets in i dunno what language XD

i am currently supperrrrr addicted to:

STING FEAT THE POLICE (i think XD) - EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC. eversince i heard it on one of the episode in the office (phyllis's wedding) hahahah SO LAWA LAH THE SONG :) (hearts!!!!!)

I'm sorry that the background is kinda blinding some of you. heehee. if you can suggest a font colour i can use so it doesnt look so bad, please do okay? :)

Tomorrow, after school (YES- school. its actually already term holidays but my school has decided to take the first 4 days to replace 4 days which we miss in jan. silly.) Diana will be following me for lunch and then we're off for tuition. h00ray. hahahahaha

Oh goodness, i have such a bigass tummy. 0.0 gahhhhh.

haha, shim learned a number of things today. haha!
TMI!!! ( too much info)
to quote michael scott," T.M.I - too much information. i used to say "don't go there" but thats lame" HAHAHA.


I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEWEST LAYOUT 0.0 its gonna be the bomb. =)

i'll leave now. gotta do some self grooming. LOLLLLLLLLLLL


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