Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Lovely.

OBLIGATORY VAIN POSE FOR TODAY. hahahahahahahahahahha

I have not felt this vain for the pass 2 years. (: Picture was taken on the 27th of february 2oo7 lah.

Anyway, i have no idea which desmond is on my tb. as well as, edwin, yes.. next year i shall make it even if the bulls pull me away. XD haha

Chap go meh is today, and its awfully boring. apparently, later we might be going out somewhere for dinner. please let it be somewhere nice. (fingers crossed.)

I think i'll work on the new layout. 0=D heehee i've had this layout for more than a month! gasp. so long can XD

Alrighties, toodle-loos.


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