Saturday, August 16, 2008

even if you don't need me now.

I really cannot be bothered with anything yet. Sure, I really should be panicking at the mo' but I'm not. I'm calm and I still find time to watch DVDs or read books or pig out of the countless junk food set in order in front of my eyes. I swear, there's gotta be something wrong with me. :(

I wonder how everyone else is coping with the stress that school's set to reopen in um, 3 days? I know I'm taking it very lightly, something I would be regretting later when school finally reopens.
I mean, I'm pretty sure, like 101% sure I'm gonna be asking my self, "why the fek didchu let this all hang till school reopens?" and then I'll go ahead and slap myself silly, regretting every single moment.

Because, really, what have I accomplished this holidays? This one and a half month of holidays? I've managed to gain weight, a broken heart (woah, cliche) and have been through a hell-lot of movies :D haha. Also been able to do some Biology and read my English books and finishing a couple of CAS hours. But thats about it. Really, not all that I'm supposed to be finished doing.

I swear I need to stop downloading viruses onto my computer through limewire. Note to self: Check file size before downloading -_- Is there any free anti-virus software I could use to extract virus files off my macbook? Help, Alex? haha.

Also to that KEYWORDDIR/KD guy who keeps on tagging on everyones blog to visit your damn site, can you please stop. It is annoying the hell out of me. I don't care about your site and I don't care about the number of people who come by my site. I've got enough readers (mostly friends :) ) So, I don't need more. So frustrating eh. Eurgh.

Yeah, I'm blogging aimlessly because the car is in the waits for the mechanic cause there's this weird sound when the engine is running and my mom is freaked out about it. -_- Not that I mind, being at home with the trusty internet is always better than being out eating all the time. I really need to stop, or I won't be able to fit into anything for school then. Its so scary how my weight has skyrocketed. Not very recognizable now. Haha! T_T Its like, finally, double-chins, pudgy cheeks are all making a comeback. All breaking loose. Freaking crap.

Also, I am in need of a picture blog. So picture-less this blog has become. I will take pictures tomorrow :D hopefully?? :S

OH, I have to mention my absolute favourite book! Anytime, anywhere whenever I'm feeling sad, down, depressed.. I read this book and it never fails to make me laugh :D And I've read it probably more than 30/40 times. I've read it so many times, the pages are yellow and the cover page is all creased. Its: Diary Of A Mad Bride by Laura Wolf. :) Its the book to read. I know, its supposed to be like a book for Brides-to-be. But it doesn't matter! haha. Its a hilarious read and sweet and its so niceeeee!! Heck, my blog address "Bytes-Infinitum" was taken from the book :D haha. Its now with Angel, I hope she enjoys the book as much as I do. :D hehe I know Becky agrees with me that :D

Oh my, craving for peanut butter and raisins. This is bad. I think I shall take my mind off it while playing Elite Beat Agents of the DS. Haha :D I'm gotten so engrossed in that damned game. Sometimes I spent a few hours playing it, and gad-knows-how many times I try to finished each songs. (Since I've got really slow response.) Meh.

If you managed to read everything, I think you must have been extremely bored because all I've typed down is utter nonsense that nobody would want to read I think. Haha.


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