Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm willing and ready.

Oh mygad. I sibeh annoyed now. Did a nice LONG wordy post just now and I accidentally clicked 'x' and the whole browser closed down on me. Woe is so me.

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G ; This feels very gg-ish now. Well, thats my opinion, and we're all entitled to our own opinions right? :) So if you think I'm only saying that cause I'm bitter.. then okay. :)
JOHN ; well, I'm definitely not the person to go to for "advice" on relationships and stuff. Look how mine turned out. Also, thanks.. but no thanks, I'd rather keep the details for those close to heart :)
CHUA ; of course I remember you! We were in the same class for 2 years okay. I'm not that forgetful YET. :P and yes, I will.. thanks :)
WEEIFOONG ; it was such a rush decision! didn't even know I was gonna go back. hehe
CHLOE ; see. I knew I should have just stayed as a lesbian. HAHA! :P
B ; yeah, will do :) and I know right, life goes on also. Nothing I can do. Cept, moving on. Thanks..
CHRISTINE ; thanks :) I hope they do.
ANON2 ; thanks :)
ADAM ; Well, now you can tag freely without having to see Rain's "beastly" (how is it beastly? Its perfect and simply wonderful :P). And the thing about you not being to read more than 2 paragraphs, I salute you for your honesty. Haha! and I have no comment :P
JIM/ANON/TIM; you're right, I've been blogging to distract myself. Haha! :P
NAT ; isn't it good? :P
NECROLIC ; I know 888 is luck lah. I'm chinese!!!! Aha
SHIM ; yeah. I suppose most of my problems are kinda over. See you thursday :)
QIDAH ; yeah man. We have to like talk.. talk talk. :P

Actually, I've tons of people to thank. Family, friends.. :) Those who sent me funny texts to make me laugh (they succeeded by the way.) and the phonecalls! and MSN messages and automessages (eric! haha) Facebook messages.. Thank you. They definitely cheered me up.

I'm okay really :) Just, I'm experiencing tons of time spent on reminiscing (really, what good is that?!) and feeling really, xim tong (heartbroken- so to speak). But overall, I'm surprisingly alright. I think its cause I saw it coming and it was inevitable (woah, like this words my favourite all of a sudden. Inevitable this and that.) After all, people come and go.. people always leave. Like you, only.. you went and never really came back.. But life's like that right, never perfect. I think its impossible for perfection. In every aspect. Unfortunately.. Oh well. Life moves on. :)

Speaking of moving on, I'm rather excited about tomorrow. Decided to do something drastic :) a la TGC. Sure, she's not the first one but she's kinda like my inspiration. Its really risky and scary, but its a risk I'm willing to take. After all, they've always said to live in the moment right? and right now, (and since yesterday actually) the moment's telling me to this. and I'm going to. I've got all my appointments set in order and yeah. Come tomorrow, different person I will be :) (maybe.)

Afterall, it is going to be a new academic year right? Gotta have some changes made.. and I'm already done with phase 1. (That was bullshit, saying things like that sounds cool. Like, mission interfaced (wtf) ) yes. Speaking of which, the spankin' new academic year is racing in 1 week and 2 days. I'm freaking out. Time is going by SO quick.

Speaking of quick, I've got dates set out next up for meet-ups (Sound like I'm going on blind dates.) but no, decided to make the most of my last week.. and yeah :) going out with people who are 101% guaranteed to make me laugh, can't wait! :) Kalowee's postponed our discussion date (for the Business IA- No less) to Thursday. Actually, lots of things are happening on thursday. I think, its not gonna be possible. But yes, we're horrible horrible procrastinators. We should totally think of giving that job up. Damn :P

Also, first week back in school. First weekend after school reopens, we, the biology students are heading out to the great outdoors @ temburong. So, I will be needing to pick up some necessities like footwear for example. Kalowee isn't very happy about it. She apparently hates the great outdoors. I'm okay. As long as I've got enough mosquito repellent to spray on, 3 layers or 4 even for 3 days :)

I hate mosquitoes. I attract them by the mass. Its like, I take a nice quiet innocent walk around the garden, appreciating nature at its best, looking at the fruits and flowers.. 10 minutes later, I'm back in the house and I'm covered with mosquito bites. Everywhere. My toes, fingers, ELBOWS(most annoying), legs, hands, NECK, face (especially my cheeks, so they look like huge pimples that itch). Its like I have an invisible sign in mosquito language to bite me. ALL. THE. TIME. So annoying.

Also, people who have me on my MSN, would notice that I've been overplaying Usher feat Beyonce & Lil' Wayne - Love in this club, part II. Yes! I LOVELOVELOVE the song! Especially Lil'wayne's part, his voice is so sexxy. Damn. Haha. I've been listening to it for the past 4 days, repetitively everywhere, on my iPod, computer, car.. and I'm still not sick of it. (nor can I sing along to it yet :( I want to. and I'm going to. I wanna be able to sing along with Lil'wayne when he sings. HAHA)


note to self: Ask daddy to get the pool cleaners over T_T

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