Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And its been too long.

Hello! I'll now proceed with a proper blog post. It amazes me that I was able to sweep + mop entire downstairs and 3 floors outside, give two dogs a nice shower and do the laundry in about an hour. Who ever knew right. Amelia the superhousekeeper. As I type this, my hair smells like Alpo dog shampoo because Daisy started shaking while I was busy shampoo-ing her. I cannot wait to shower, and go out for breakfast and probably spend the afternoon sleeping. (I wish)

Last night, headed over to German's for a little um, get-together. It would be unwise to ask me how it went. I woke up this morning and my knees are covered with bruises and bits of skin scrapped off. I need to talk to Kalowee later. Like, seriously. Food was good, salty though. I remember James saying about Kalowee and I ," you guys only have one adjective for the food: Salty" Haha! I went home a little early. But it was fine, I fell asleep almost instantaneously after having a cold shower (I think) and brushing my teeth! ( I think).

Bruises! 0.0
I really don't know where these came from. :(

Woke up this morning, needing water so badly, I thought I was gonna like die without water T_T And then Chrissy called (morning call) and I realised I'd overslept and had to like go brush my teeth so I could do my chores.

It was definitely an experience. (It should have been) I wouldn't mind doing it again?

Thank you guys for like, helping me. And I'm SO sorry if I like, bothered/upset-ted you or was being a pain in the ass.

Also, the texts I got from people who didn't come. Thank you! for caring and stuff. Much loves to all of you!! (although I think Angel said something along the lines like, "don't make me go over and slap you." HAHA)

So yeah. Its the start of Puasa-ing/Ramadhan today! Which means at about 6-ish or 5-ish all these malay/indian stalls will be up and running selling food cheaper than water! (no, not really :P) But yah. All those mee goreng and nasi lemak, fried popiah and all those really yummy fatty food are gonna be up for sale! :D yay. I really like those stalls, especially going to the market to see food. T_T

Then after this month, Hari Raya will be coming up! My mom's not letting me make any new bajus this year :( So I'll only be wearing all my old ones. I love raya as well! Visiting and eating. Oh yes! :D haha And because Kalowee's gonna be able to drive then (I hope so), we've got so many other houses to visit :D hehehehee.

And yes, Alex, I'm off to Singapore end of next week. Its part of Music. (not really) But yeah, gonna go catch the orchestra. And don't know what else we'll be doing. Gotta pick up some birthday presents and some stuff for myself while I'm there. I hope I have enough time. Thank you Gary for your luck. I swear, I'll be needing it.

Also, Nathaniel, Yes, the trip down to temburong was part of my Biology class. We were there to conduct experiments! but more on that some other time since I've got like heaps of pictures off Chrissy. Well, I think I'll be blogging about it. I actually did while Business Free period in the library with Kalowee and Fareed. But I got lazy and the pictures were taking forever to load.

Hi Jim and Angel (the ultra awesome caterpillar) :D

Sunday! Watched Zohan and ate waffles and peanut butter and condensed milk and popcorn with Eric the smelly and Gary! :) It was good time spent. Much laughter! Zohan was extremely inappropriate and they cut off so many parts. But it was funny. Made me laugh. :P

ooooh, I think I'm gonna start bolding people's name! it makes it look so much more, readable seeing your names right? I think T_T


And 90210 is out today as well. I wanna watch that, I have a feeling its gonna be pretty good.

okeh, I have to go check on the laundry to see if its time to put in the softener.

So this will have to do. Oh, How I've missed blogging.


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