Saturday, September 6, 2008

The girl who can't be moved.

NATHANIEL ; it is fun! If you were in ISB, you would've have joined as well :P I'm sure you would enjoy it. Haha.
ALEX ; very little people know the real reason why I got braces and its not cause I had a gap between my two front teeth :P
JIM ; I know right! After.. 3 years.. coming 4 years. Finally past the 100K mark :)
DIANA ; of course :D

I've been meaning to do this for some time. I got tagged, by Krystal and Fauzay.

  • State 15 weird things/habits/little-known facts about yourself.
  • The 10 people tagged at the end are then to follow the footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits/little-known facts.
  • NO tag backs!
  1. I love airplane food. No matter if its horrible or the choices are simply inappropriate.. I usually finish everything on my tray :)
  2. The clothes I wear on a daily basis have to compliment each other, in terms of colours. If the colours clash in any way at all.. I will change my outfit over and over again. (Unless I'm feeling really shitty and super lazy to bother about my clothes.. [very rare])
  3. I don't comb/brush my hair. Sometimes I do but I usually forget because when I used to have curly hair, I didn't have to comb/brush my hair. So yeah. I've got plenty of tangles in my hair sometimes :(
  4. I am a little OCD-ish. Like, I hate it when my paper creases or are not stapled properly. I'll redo it. Or if I'm writing or drawing/sketching and there's a small mistake that cannot be erased i.e with a pen, I'll redo my whole work.
  5. I randomly sing out loud irregardless of where I am. Even when I'm in a supermarket or walking around. in school.
  6. I adore food. I love food. Food is the best thing in my life. And eventhough I often complain about how fat I am, I will never ever stop eating or have an eating disorder. I'll complain but I'll still eat :D
  7. I am taller than my mom (and meimei) but I'm (I think Elaine's the same height with me though..) the shortest girl in my year :( I wish I was taller a little bit more.
  8. I love reading! I read all kind of books.. science fiction, horror, romance, comedy?? As long as they're readable, I say.. bring it on :D
  9. I listen to all kinds of songs. I don't have a specific genre,.. as long as the song is nice. Actually, as long as the lyrics are good.. the song will automatically become bearable.
  10. I want to try bungee jumping before I die. Its like the #2 thing on my to-do list before I die. (not that I have a to-do list before i die?!)
  11. I hate clowns. I have a phobia with clowns. Like, clowns freaking freak me out.
  12. I hate ketchup and chilli sauce as well. But that's pretty much a known fact right? I'm so scared of it :( Like, if you came near me with it I'd like.. move away.
  13. I do not have any sneakers. I'm more of a slippers/flip-flops.. kind of person. Sandals, sneakers.. not my kind. I actually don't like cover-ed up footwear. I prefer the open toed stuff. So much more comfier.
  14. OH BECKY HATES THIS ABOUT ME >> Whenever I sit down, I'll cross my legs (the kind where both your legs are up). Its a really bad habit. Hehehe but I always do it subconciously. Like, when I was back in St'andrews, whenever I was wearing the BK or Skirt&Blouse, I'd like cross my legs. And you'll see becky looking at me very WTF-ly. HAHA I still do it in isb Becky. :P
  15. KALOWEE, BECKY, KIMPOSS (and possibly you) HATES THIS ABOUT ME >>I bite my nails. I stopped for awhile. But shit happens and I'm back to square one, biting my nails.
  16. I LOVE WEARING BAJU KURONGs and I am angry that my mom isn't letting me make new ones this year. :(
    (yes I am aware I was supposed to put only 15. But I have to mention this. hahaha)
hahaha. yes. That's a little long. So much text :P But yeah. Okay. 15 random facts about yours truly. I tag.. only Becky and Kalowee and Kimposs (if she comes by?)

I HATE HAVING BAD SKIN. Shit man. Acne popping up like nobody's business. I look like a hag :( and the damn bumps all hurt like eurgh.

I ate plenty today :( Cereal, Bowl of soup noodles and potato salad + Moon cake! Damn those yummy mooncakes with lotus paste and flaky pastry skin. So depressing :(

I've got plenty of homework due on Monday and Tuesday :( So I'm gonna be trying my best to finish them. BECKY ARE YOU PROUD OF ME :D hahaha.


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