Saturday, October 25, 2008

Misery Business

Oh my BOBO TAGGED! Hi bobo. I hope you're doing good and well (same thing) in cold and expensive London. :D and i hope you're enjoying the sandwiches and fish& chips. and Topshop and Miss Selfridges. HAHAHAHAHA

Today is also Birthday Girl's Real Birthday! Thats right, its Miss Judith Sangilos Birthday! (: I have not seen you in ages! and I doubt you'll see this, but if you do. Happy birthday! ^_^

HI KIMPOSS (: I miss you plenty.

Sandra B! Hi luv. Yes, the IA was.. successful-ish. At the end Miss Dean was like, " okay.. I'm not gonna look thru this at all. I'm gonna put it in my file directly :P" haha

And Hi to the random passerbys like ADAM (i didn't try your onions/garlic?! but my coughs gone already), Melissa T (hi! yeah, haven't seen/talked to you in ages), Jordine, DIANA (hi! ^^) and Benny, Alex and Nat.

So, my internet has been down the past couple of days :( I only managed to come online after 3 depressing days! Felt so helpless.. haha geek. I know. I need the internet so much. Like, every little thing I'm not sure about I've become so.. dependant on google and wikipedia. Its not even funny.

Had extra class for maths today. Very unproductive because my brain was in a complete flop today. So i couldn't get much working. Especially not on trig differentiation. Damn depressing okay. :( Went over to MD after school with Kalowee to see Becky in a tudong and baju kurong ;) haha. Couldn't recognise her. It was funny. (i mean the situation, not becky in a tudong). Then Kalowee and I had some CA Mohammad before seperating ways.

Then spent the afternoon with the mother at Giant, grocery shopping :D

Currently, I am trying to con my mother. Or PERSUADE her into buying me a very early birthday present. :) She's not giving into my idea yet. She doesn't mind waiting till April. But I can't wait! T_T I want it now! Eurgh. So frustrating. Even Kenken agrees with me that it is very pretty! hahaha.

Been listening to Orson - No tomorrow and Paramore - Misery Business the whole day. I would like a day that I would be able to use the lyrics to Misery Business. Its so inappropriate for me now cause it wouldn't mean anything. But meh. Its good lyrics that. And I forgot how much I absolutely love No tomorrow! The song's so.. nice :) and happy..

OH. English orals on Monday. Which means I don't have to go to school! Because my session is at 12.40pm and that means, I'd finish by 1.20 so there's really no point in me going back to school. Its good thing I think. I'm so very nervous about the whole orals! I mean, goodness gracious. I. CANNOT. Talk. about.Hamlet. for 15 minutes okay. Like wtf am I suppose to say?! Eurgh. I don't get half of whats going through that guy's head sometime okay. And his language is so difficult to explain! Gah. And the POEMS!! I can talk about them but not for 15 minutes. Eurgh. Kalowee's prolly coming over tomorrow so we can go thru some Hamlet and Poems i think. :(

I AM GONNA DO MY MALAY WORLD LIT NEXT WEEKEND. I will not procrastinate on that. It is not funny man. Its due in a month! and I've got two to non-existant World Lits. Which means i have to conjure up 3,000 malay words that makes sense in 3 weeks!! god give me strength, please. :(

I think this is why my pimples are popping like nobody's business. And Kalowee found a couple of white hairs! its the stress I tell you :P haha and all those unwanted thoughts. Its not that bad yet though. I'm still having my appetite :P heh heh heh.

Speaking of appetite. This week has been a hell of a week in terms of food :) I've been having ice-cream and muffins and nasi briyani and buffets, meat! TOAST WITH CHEESE. Peanut buns, buttermilk buns. Mmm.. buttermilk buns. Yoghurt! and Keropoks and tons of bread and donuts. Pasta! Curry! Dosais and Rotis :) NASI LEMAK! (i had some from that place in Kuilap that sells all sorts of Indonesian Kueh.. their nasi lemak is awesome!!!).. Cake (plenty from bakerlyn!) and sushi. All good that. Remember the craving I couldn't quite figure out what i was. Well, that craving was Ice-cream! and I had two cupfuls of DQ ice-cream. very satisfying. Made me happy. Was craving desperately yesterday for buttermilk bun and the one from Mum's wasn't good cause it wasn't sweet and there were peanuts! So it was a little weird. My dad brought me to Jing Chew this morning for some freshly baked buttermilk buns (mentega) and it was OH-SO-GOOD! Damn. I love fresh buns at 7.45am. :P

Yeah. I better go and remember Seamus Heaney's birthday and birthplace and why the hell is he so into mother nature and those sort of stuff :(


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