Monday, October 27, 2008

When I'm with you.

CHRIS ; haha I will in due time. Patience young jedi. Also, I'm not holding your hand. I don't have money!! CHRIS!! HAHAHA
KEN ; i know right. Tagboard becoming chatboard. Quite the transformation. Anyhoo. My internet completely feked up during the weekend, it was depressing.
DENISE ; haha! Thank you, thank you. Lucky your orals are late so you get to um, prepare longer?! We didn't even finish all the passages we were supposed to do. Our teacher had to like take some off the list -.-
ERIC ; hi smelly! many things has happened. But oh well. haha AND don't start the "fat" topic with me. hahaha
JUDITH ; you're welcome birthday girl! I hope you had a wonderful day.
BOBO ; hi yong bo :D
KRYSTAL ; buttermilk buns are the reason for life. I SWEAR. HAHAHAHA
NAT ; thank you! (:

I would put pictures up but I'm very very lazy and just so unmotivated to bluetooth the pictures from the phone to the computer. Apologies :P So here's another full-of-text-post-which-QQdah- will read-selectively. (and I'm sure many of you do. Like read the first few words and then decide if you want to go on reading the whole post :P)

ANYHOO. Orals! it was fine. I had my turn with Najee! (: So we walked hand in hand into the preparation room. It was so nervewrecking though cause out of 18 passages, we get to choose one. And like, we wouldn't know what we would get.. I got a poem!! Blackberry Picking. Quite lucky and quite unlucky. Depends how you see it. Lucky cause it wasn't Hamlet or any of the poems of bog people. and unlucky cause I didn't really read through blackberry picking. So i was a little rusty on it. But yeah. Managed to speak 10 minutes!! :D So accomplishing ok! and then the last 5 minutes were me answering questions. (which failed. HAHA i was so bad at my Q&A section. damn)

So right, Kalowee came over yesterday! It was fun! Main aim was to get through Hamlet and poems. Instead, I whipped up some waffles (from scratch! I made waffles by myself!) and they tasted pretty damn good if I must say so myself :P HAHA *note to self- buy smooth peanut butter* and my mom fried some bananas. And when Kalowee came, we made korean instant noodles and had cake?! And we played the DS (we discovered the chat function. SO COOL OK) and we looked through my magazines and DVD collection and Kalowee took home half of everything :P So yes. One would say yesterday was a very productive day. I.. sorted some feelings out. HAHA WTF and filled my tummy with yummy goodness and played tamagotchi on DS. :) it was all good + the company was awesome. So yeah. Yesterday did not go to waste.

Also, had the best Thien Thien chicken rice EVER in history last night along with DQ ice-cream. The chicken was smooth and Oh-SO-Yummy okay!! my dad ordered half a chicken and i finished half of the plate. I finished a quarter of a whole chicken!! It was that yummy!! The meat was so damn smooth okay. Unbelivable. I also love the vanilla ice-cream cone in DQ. The cone is so yummy!! its like, heaven. T_T I think I'm gonna have one of those every sunday. ^_^ Joy.

Speaking of food, today has been a very fulfilling day as well! Had two bowls of cereal for breakfast, along with yogurt. And lunch! Yam Claypot noodles with roasted pork (oh so good.) + Curry chicken gravy and rice. And for teatime, had some easy way and two roti telur + bawang (Egg roti prata with onions) and a hell lots of curry gravy. Its a craving you see. I'm terribly craving for curry!! I have curry every single day!! Like yesterdays breakfast, I had an awesome bowl of curry chicken Kolo mee. Mmm... And then, I bought Gardenia's Butter bun and buttermilk bun. OMY. Gardenia's buttermilk buns are heaven lah! I completely forgotten how good they tasted like. I was like, stuffing my face silly with all these buns and my mom stared at me quite unbelivable. To quote," what is wrong with you! just had two rotis and now you're having all these buns?!" yeah man. Bring on the buns. BUTTERMILK. I must find out how buttermilk is made so i can make myself a tub full and spread it on bread whenever i want some. I mean, really. HOW IS BUTTERMILK MADE? its obviously not just butter mixed with milk and sugar cause I think that'll turn out really weird. Hmm. Possible TOK topic? haha okay, i think not.

Goodness, my posts are turning into food posts. I'm sorry :( i can't help it though, food is my #1 priority at this stage of my life. Hey! A growing girl needs food okay. I've made sandwiches for lunch tomorrow in school! Although they can hardly be compared to the sandwiches Nick or KenKen or Jacob has. Mine's just wholemeal bread with processed cheddar cheese cut into small squares. -_- Haha. But I like it plain that way. (or someone to make complicated sandwiches for me in the morning :P)

OOH. I went DVD shopping! I've got a whole list but I only bought 5 just now :( cause my mom's expression was like " :0" When she saw my list. So, i'll be buying them in stacks of 5 so i don't spend a lot of money on dvd sekaligus. HAHA wtf. sekaligus. So random. But yeah. This way, I won't look like I'm going crazy on DVDs. Got: Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, A Love Song for Bobby Long, The Edge of Love and Speed Racer today. Speed Racer is for my mom though cause she hasn't watched it yet.

Speaking of speed racer, have you guys watched Rain's new video for Love Song? I was lucky enough to catch it on MTV that day. and omy, Rain is looking mighty fineee. And the beginning of the video where he accidentally poked his eyes with his glasses or when he was covering the scratches on his motorcycle with the marker. His face so mischievious! Very cute okay. Gah. He is indeed perfection in this world. Here, click ME to watch it on youtube. Although its not very clear :(

I think I'll go and do some school related stuff now. Like maths or biology or music. mmm.. or have some dinner. mmm... dinner..... HAHAHA *homer simpson*


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