Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everytime you walk away,

You take a piece of me with you.

SHIM ; will do in due time :P haha
ALEX ; the day will come...
BECKY ; is that why I deleted the blog?! Gawdamn my naivety. :( Like, we had that site for like 2 years. 2 years worth of memories! All gone... :(
SAB ; will link you back as well! thanks :)

OKAY HI! I will make this quick. I don't think that will be possible but I have to try! Cause I have to pack!! I'm not half packed yet :( I was suppose to resume packing after coming home just now.. but I came home.. started munching on biscuits and tons of carrot juice and watched Privileged and Gossip Girl.. lost track of time and suddenly, it was time for dinner -_- wtf. ANYWAY.

Today! Wonderful! Started with lunch at Cheezbox with.. KIMPOSS!, DIANA!, SHIM! and VIVIAN! Good lunch. Sandwich and fries and waffles and maple syrup and more fries.. mmm..... friess..... Then we walked around aimlessly cause what else is there to do in the mall -.- THEN WE DDR-ed! Well, viv and I did. heh heh. Saw KALOWEE!, CHRIS!, YESMEAN!, JIA MIN! and GERMAN! briefly and then we went off for BOLT! :D WHICH is an AWESOMEZzzzz movie. Seriously! it was really good. I laughed SO much. Mainly cause it was so predictable, but the cartoon is SO cute x 484627. Seriously. T_T I loved the pigeons! Specially the hollywood ones. HEHE SO CUTE. Was in the same cinema with KENKEN! and MARK! No, they weren't watching the cartoon together alone -.- they were with another bunch of people. haha

After which, we walked around aimlessly.. DIANA! went home, then KIMPOSS! went home... Thank you Kimposs for the skirt! it fits just right :) Told ya it wouldn't be too big. hehe Then saw... Kalowee and the group + NICHOLA! and DENISE! Was the first time meeting DENISE! after uh.. exchanging tags at each others blog for so long ^_^ So talked to NICHOLA! for a little while.. then had to go home... cause I was supposed to come home and pack.. OH HAD VERY GOOD POPCORN as well! :D I love mixed popcorn cause you'll never know which you're gonna have in your mouth. or like, a mixture of both : An explosion of flavours :0 HAHA wtf.

Anyway, after the wonderful dinner, fried okra with onions, steamed eggs, kung po-chicken (with bacon.. mmm.. bacoonnnn..) and fried leek with pork... I talked to my daddy for a little while cause he was asking me to do something right.. and OMY DID I MENTION ABOUT MY ENCOUNTER WITH HEAVEN!!

Okay! Sunday I went out right! With Kalowee and them. I went down to QQstation.. to check out the SONY ERICSSON EXPERIA X1. and I asked the sales lady to let me try for awhile.. and
OH MY GAD!. I swear to god, there was music playing and light shining and rainbows popping when I touched the phone! I'M NOT KIDDING!! Especially when I slid it open. My goodness. My heart stopped for a second. Literally T_T The price tag is brilliant as well.. $1,188. Gah. But yes. Thats my little encounter with heaven for a while..

I digress.. anyway, so i mentioned to him..

DAD: yadda yadda yadda do this later yadda yadda
ME: Daddy....
DAD: What do you want now.
ME: ... *insulted look* what? *innocent look* i don't always want something y'know... *twiddle fingers*
DAD: -.-
ME: okay fine.. I was going to ask you for a phone.
DAD: No. you just your phone last year and you've got tons of phone..
ME: NO! But mine's kind of dying already!! :( and its so old already! :(
DAD: -.-
ME: And i touched it that day daddy! it was like heaven.. i heard music when i touched it!!
DAD: What phone anyway.
ME: the SE X1 Xperia.....
DAD: -_-
ME: Okay, I know its a little uh.. unethical to ask you to buy it for me now cause its so expensive.. $1,200..
DAD: good you know.
ME: BUT. i was thinking maybe by my birthday it'll drop to maybe $800 ish?
DAD: Who's going to buy for you?
ME: You? Its my 18th birthday whattttt
DAD: -_- *walks off* [ i swear, i think there was a smirk on his face]
DAD: *looks back* -_-

HAHAHAHAHAA. Okay, that might be a little long but the thing is.... my dad gave me TONS of (-_-) faces or (-.-) faces but did everyone notice what i noticed?....

jeng jeng jeng.

HE DIDN'T SAY NO!!!!!!!! HE DIDNT SAY NO! well, he didn't say yes. But he didn't say no! SO there is a POSSIBILITY RIGHT? :D HEHEHEHEHE. Oh gad. I'm full of hope :( Oh well, i shall wait. I PRAY TO GOD THE PRICE WILL DROP. Because I am SO inlove with the phone T_T its perfection T_T Except maybe for the camera, its a little lousy cause its the same with mine now.. but STILL!! T_T

OKAY I GTG NOW. SO PICTURES! I didn't get to take with everyone!! but oh well..

Chloe's very sexy DS ;) rawr.
(diana got hers today for her ipod as well and a-man got for his iphone. didn't take pictures of theirs. but very pretty also :) )

Our DS side by side ^_^

With KIMPOSS/Buttock.
EURGH. Got it cut in like 5 minutes WTF. Now it just looks REALLY bad. I'm SO annoyed.



fuck my fringe.

OMY i really dont like my fringe its so frickin short eurgh eurgh eurgh


With kimposs and diana in the middle of the mall
i still hate my fringe.



Sorry for so many capital letters.

I am happy and quite content.

you know what would make me reallllly realllly content?

the love of my life. All three of them ;)

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