Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For you, a thousand times over.

Hello! :) As most of you would already know, my absence was due to me being on a short holiday to Hong Kong and Macau :) 3 nights in HK and 2 nights in Macau. Well, Hong Kong has been just wonderful! I absolutely love the place. Went there with the parents, my aunty and uncle from singapore. Met up with em at the Airport. In HongKong, we had relatives who was kind enough to accompany us all the time and bringing us around. Met up with my cousin, Ruth and her fiance Dean all the way from Canada. They're getting married next year! So exciting, I hope we'll be attending their wedding.

I love Hong Kong. I love the hustle bustle in the city and all the throngs of people walking packed like sardines. I love the weather, not too cold and not warm either. Just right :) like air-con. Although I did get sick on the last day.. high fever. Not cool :( But it was OK. I love how everyone speaks cantonese, its so sexy! haha And all those young saleguys in the shop ;) HAHA. Some of them are extremely cute when they start speaking english cause, some struggle.. and then when they finally speak. So cute okay *beams* HAHA wtf.

AND THE FOOD! *salivates* I went, and came back 4 kgs heavier! I kid you not. I cannot fit into most of my pants at the mo' its kind of sad. but worth it! the food was awesome! The DimSum.. Roasted meat! Eggtarts! ice-cream! DESSERTS! Noodles! I love their noodles, so yummy and the texture of the noodles are wonderful.. and their Polo Bun with the huge slab of butter in between.. Ham and egg noodles, ham and egg sandwiches.. ham and egg everything. FRIED RICE! T_T Guilangao is the love! and birds nest with ginko nuts. BLACK SESAME SOUP. Oh my gad. I love the food. If i stayed in hong kong i'd prolly balloon up and turn obese. I'm not kidding. Haha.

Been literally stuffing my face 24/7. Like, one usual day in HK..

8.30am - Breakfast
9.30am - Brunch-ish..
12.00pm - Lunch
1.oopm - Snacks
3.00pm - Dessert! and some more snacks..
5.00pm - Tea time
7.00pm - Dinner
8.30pm - Dessert/Siu Yeh
10.oopm - Ice-Cream/Jelly/Dessert

and some times, i'll have some random snacks in between because there's good food all over the place! once, i had 3 eggtarts at midnight, just before I was going to brush my teeth to go to bed. TRUE STORY!

And they had a ben&jerry's stall near my hotel so i had ice-cream most of the nights.. I loved the cinammon roll flavour.. with bits of cinammon buns! *heaven*

AND I LOVE DESSERT TIME DURING DIMSUM! Well, easily put I love desserts! puddings, jelly, ice-creams, pastries... mmm.....

Shopping wasn't too wow though because they were mainly selling winter clothes.. but the christmas sales are ongoing and I managed to snag myself a couple pairs of shoes, some shirts.. jeans.. skirts.. :D as well as my Rain CD! :D And some christmas goodies for the lovers :) It was difficult finding presents though cause of the winter clothing and we all do not need long sleeves in Brunei. and and meh. I hope you guys like what I got for you.. :)

Macau was good as well. Daddy got us two nights at the Venetian in suites.. and the rooms were so PRETTY! Very Gossip-Girl!! Like, the bed was so princessy. I loved it! And there was 2 televisions, a whole sofa set, dining table set.. photocopy+scanner! Wtf so random. HAHA. But it was indeed a pretty room. Although, the service of the hotel wasn't very good. :( There were too many people they couldn't attend to each of us personally. But the shopping area + food court area was simply wonderful! So beautiful and all the brands in the world! you could find everything under one room! like, literally. And, the casino was HUGE! :0 Can't wait till i'm 18 to actually try em out! :D only 5 more months! So exciting :)

YEAH. Pictures soon! I'm so lazy and I'm so tired still. Still gotta unpack some luggages -.- hmm

Oh, read The Kite Runner this afternoon. Finished the whole book in a matter of hours. Cried my heart out! its such a touching book. I got really angry at the main character at some parts but yeah. Its such a touching book. I'm gonna find the DVD for the movie! They didn't show it in Brunei I think cause it has reference to the Muslim religion.. but yeah.

K. I know. SO wordy.Sorry :) Just got excited mid-way and started typing non stop. I love typing so much non-stop :) heheheheeee. and i'm so lazy to breeze thru what I've typed to highlight some stuff. So this will have to do.


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