Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hello! :) Oh dear gad, I haven't blogged in a couple of days :( I've been meaning to! But my internet at home is like, being a complete beeyotch! Eurgh. I think its my computer. I might need a new one. ... *internet crashes* NO!! I mean, I love you computer, you are my best friend in the whole wide world ^_^

Yes, *ahem* No, I'm not crazy yet. HAHA. I have not taken a sudden interest in talking to my electronics. *looks away*...

ANYWAY, Here's for the 3rd of January 2009! It was Kalowee & I, FIRST Anniversary! ^_^ Its been a great year with you love, with minimal arguments and a heck load of fun. For the many more years to come...

Thank you Yesmean for this picture! :)

Yes. I spent that morning with Kalowee :) Just the two of us.. NOlah. Jenny baby was there with us printing photos and listening to music through really awful speakers and.. playing our DS. Yes, we are DS freaks 8) Hehehehe.

I have become a pro at downloading chinese music from chinese sites :) HAHA Like, everything is in chinese right, and like.. i randomly click here and there till the song is apparently being downloaded. Its good. The only reason is cause I saw Wang Lee Hom's latest MV for his song 心跳 which means heartbeat in english :) and like, T_T Wang Lee Hom is very very good looking. Like super duper *nosebleed* good looking okay. Not funny. But the song is nice as well! and I've looked up the english translations and it means well. So its all good and now I have it in my iPod :D hehe.

Of course, he cannot be compared to love of my life, Rain ♥. Rain is perfection at its best.

And if you are thinking, wtf why does she have so much time looking for chinese songs. ISN'T she supposed to be having her mocks?!! Well, yes you are right. I just started my mocks today with ENGLISH 1! And it was absolutely brilliant! I wrote 4 pages worth of um words :D and I hope they mean something to the marker. Or else I'm completely screwed. The passage I chose was moderately easy to understand so it was good. Just that, there wasn't much to analyse. I think.

We have Biology, paper 1 and paper 2 tomorrow starting at 7.30 am! Oh Joy to the world, because we reallly realllllly need early papers right? :) Makes me oh so happy. Yay!

Anyway, first day of school (yesterday) was very good :) it was great seeing everyone! And, the day went by SO quickly it was insane! So its all good. All the worrying for nothing. Hmm. I think too much y'know :( so unhealthy.

You know whats unhealthy? too much food. Like today. Buns from Jing Chew, dried mangoes bought in HK from the Philippines, YAM YAM biscuits x2, Kolo mee pok, assortment of chinese kuehs x 4. I blame nobody :( I love food way too much. Gah! Have I mentioned I've gone... vegetarian?! HAHAHAHA Nobody believes me :( Except Kalowee. See, thats why I absolutely love you because you believe in me. HAHAHAH wtf. But yes, I have gone vegan except I'm taking in eggs and milk (because cows and chicken don't get killed for it) and fish! and prawns and squids in minimal amounts. Its all for a healthy reason :) I wasn't much of a meat fan to start with anyway. But yes.

I will wake up at 1am tomorrow because I'm lazy and I choose to blog and listen to music and download music and browse facebook and snack on tangerines and not study now. AND ALSO, I have not studied at all T_T gah.

This is what I get for procrastinating. I'm pretty sure god hates me :( Grr. I hate biology thats fo sho'.

Yeah, I will go now and do everything but study. You must be completely disappointed in me :( I am too. Honestly..

NO LAH. I'm going to go do some past year questions now! MCQs HERE I COME!!!!

WAIT before I go. I HAVE TO MENTION! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TODAY! Today has been ABSOLUTELY wonderful! :) Like everything has been going so ever smoothly, and i've gotten everything to go according to my way :) Like I went for tea-time with the mother, they had MY FAVOURITE KUEH thats been out of uh stock for AGES!!! :D HEHEHEHEEHEHEHEH ^_^

I'm so happy. I can't help but smile today :)


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