Sunday, May 3, 2009

For you, I'll go all the way.

CHEAHONG ; hi! Thank you (: and will do bout Eric. Haha
NAJEE ; haha gonna see you tomorrow! and I'm hopeless, studying hard.. really? : P and how can TOP seem gay :( HAHA T_T but the video was SO cute right. HAHA

Before anything, watch the youtube video i posted in my post below. Big Bang (ft 2NE1) - Lollipop. Favourite song of the mo'. Its even my text alert tone! haha SO addictive. And the MV is so wonderfully colourful and yummy. HAHA wtf

Anyway, just when the exams are just about to start. I discover the magic of Twitter and have been playing with it almost the entire afternoon (when I'm not away for maths). Its amazing and so very entertaining. HAHA *geek* But yes. Go join and like.. yeaaaaah ;P You guys can follow me HERE. (as you can see in the sidebar of this blog) Most prolly will be posting there throughout the week, especially this week cause of my hectic schedule (HAHA SAY WHUT) but yes, ridiculous. 8 papers in 5 days. BRING IT ON BEECHES :)

Will read up on some englishy stuff for tomorrow and I want to practice my malay tomorrow!! Need people to stay back with me and speak malay and tolerate my horrible vocabulary :)



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