Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For all those times you stood by me.

While there are many people whose birthday happens to fall on the 30th of June, I would like to dedicate this post to one of them. (this sentence does not sound right -.-)



You have been one of my closest and most awesomenest friend eversince IB started and boy, am I glad that you joined in as well. Kinda made the whole experience a little less shitty :) Totally cliche, but I count you as a blessing, seeing to how we click so well and like, you make me feel good y'know. And I know, I've said this like a MILLION times already.. but I love you, I do! :) With all my heart and more. I wish you nothing but the best and only the best in the world because you deserve everything. You're a wonderful person, who deserves everything. :)

Hope you enjoyed your day, the party was a success right? :) And the food was good, even better cake and I'm pretty sure the music was awesome. :) you looked lovely, as always.

I would type like an essay, but it'll be you know repetitive cause I've probably told you all the reason why you're extremely dear to me. So I'll have a nice long photo stream here, featuring you and I. Because you're awesome that way and I've apparently a bunch of embarassing photos that I have not posted up before ;)


yeah. we all know what happened here.

Coming over to your place at 6am just to be late for schooL!
So worth it ;p HAHA

I only just found this @ fb! HAHAHA wtf were we doing.

My favourite picture :)

Our 'candid' shot.
HAHA You had just fed me rambutans I *think*

Thank you for so many things, thank you for being here in the world actually.

You are awesome and I hope you have an AWESOME TAWSOME 19th. :)

One year one time right? ;)

Lots and Lots of love ♥,

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