Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby, you're the only light I ever saw.

Due to my laziness, I have not replied anyone is freaking AGES. Or blogged properly for that matter.

RYLS ; I know right! Isn't typing maniac completely addictive :P haha
KENKEN ; Hi ken! :) its Scamp without a R. And he's doing great-ish :P
ADISON ; thank you! :) hehe
CHLOE ; because kalowee, like I and so many other people. We are bored. :( haha and SOON! :D
DIANA ; I think she does that expression very frequently unfortunately... it only means one thing... HAHA
CHRIS ; why, thank you!
ERIC ; HI smelly! :D
BECKY ; Beautiful line that. I'll get round reading the book! Tomorrow probably :)
NATHANIEL ; I think you're in cambodia now, so you won't be tagging in a bit. How is that anyway? :D
ALEX ; Hi alex. haha

Okay, so a proper hello and how do you do people :) I have been doing a bit here and have been absolutely lazy and have therefore been avoiding all duties that I have been responsible of. One of which, is blogging. But fret not! (okay, maybe not) for, I am back. HAHA Okay, i have decided I am going to start blogging religiously again. I think its cause of Twitta, its so much easier updating on Twitta or posting a picture up there. But meh, makes people like me lazy. Do people even read my twitter?! haha it is an awesome application thingo tho :D

Last night was a good night anyway. Sushi at my favourite Excapade branch with two people I absolutely adore. Dennis the Menace and Ickydoodles. I love the Mini Special California Maki. Thank god for Kalowee recommending it to me. It is the shizz. and the ice-cream of course. Oh yes. :)

Yeah, totally forgot to take pictures with the menace :( Why do I keep forgetting. Dayum. But yeh. Becky's dogs are adorable tho. SO adorable :)

If the government wasn't making such a big fuss about H1N1, we would all be in school right now getting our results for the ib. But we're not allowed to go to school. So.. We have to bear the agony of waiting for the results to appear in our inbox. Either that, or we'd have to wait till tomorrow like evryone else to check it up on the website. I am terrified. I know it's probably too late to do anything else. And this is SO expected but I'm like totally regretting me not studying as hard as I'm supposed to. Eurgh. WHY am I so freaking lazy. Lousy ass. But yeah. Getting becky to check my results up for me most probably because I am a chicken like that. Grr.

On a completely irrelevant note, watched Coraline this afternoon. Finally got the dvd from Dennis! :D I was gonna buy it but Shaun told me they had it and so it was all good :D I've got a buttload of dvds to watch as well. About 23 dvds to watch. I've gone thru two. Its going to be fun. Movie marathons! Thank goodness the boyfriend's father appreciates dvds. Haha ;p Coraline was fantastic anyway, freaked me out a little but it was interesting. The drawings were nice tho. :) then I finally caught the School of Rock. I know, I'm very slow @ movies but yeah. Jack Black reminds me of someone and that drummer kid reminds me of Draco Malfoy in his early days. Is it just me, or is it just me? :P haha


K. I think anytime now.


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