Friday, February 19, 2010


Wow, I've not blogged in like 2 weeks! Horrible blogger. Didn't even get to wish ALL CHINESE READERS:


I hope everyone is getting plenty of angpaos and brilliant chinese food and tarts and biscuits and everything I'm not getting over here :P Although, I did get my angpao from my parents through the mail so that was pretty cool :) Both parents & brother sent CNY cards over my DHL !! haha. I thought it was hilarious. It was really sweet tho, I totally wasn't expecting. But it's all good. :)

CNY was celebrated pretty decently here! Its great that I have a bunch of friends who are spontaneous enough to wanna celebrate it with me (And Shevie of course :D) Everyone even bought new clothes and shoes to ring in the new year with us! it was really nice. Headed for an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet where I'm sure each and everyone of us gained nearly 3 kilos from. But it was SOOO worth it. The food and the price was wonderful! And I had an overdose of Mee Hoon, made me too happy. Everyone dressed up and looked excellent. it was lovely :)

Tomorrow, a friend I met who's from Singapore, Cheryl will be coming over to my place and we're gonna make meehoon with wintermelon soup!!! Found an asian supermarket about 20minute walk away from home so it's all good! :D hehe I'm soooo excited for it it's not even funny. We were squealing about it during economics haha! All in the name of the CNY spirit! whee. It's gonna be interesting cause neither of us can cook (altho she probably has more experience than I do) :P

Easter holidays in like a month and a week! I am SUPER excited!! The boys : NATTY YONGBO and SHIM said they might come up to the north to visit for a while so I'm hoping that it'll be in the first week of my holidays so that is EXCITING. Second week, I'm heading to Alice's place to visit cause she (and her parents) are gonna bring me around the west (?!) part of Scotland, hopefully. and the last week, heading to Berlin!! Just confirmed my tickets 2 hours ago. SO I'm EXCITED! It sorta sounds like I've my 3 weeks holiday planned out just right. I hope nothing falls out of place.. pls pls pls :)

My parents are in Melbourne at the moment for CNY. Urgh, the blasphemy. I wish I was there to see KALOWEE :) but maybe some day soon.

Anyway! I'll be going now. Gonna watch a movie with the lover ♥. Will blog way sooon!! Don't lose hope! hahaha


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