Tuesday, February 2, 2010

But you couldn't resist.

Hello! :) February's here already.. how quick? only 10 months till 2011. Insane to the membrane the speed time is moving at now. But anyways, how is everyone? My blog is SO insanely dead. Was gonna post up a couple of pictures but all my picture uploading programs are so not working. Not on emails, not on facebook, not on blogger. So I guess a texty post is much needed. :)

So term officially started yesterday. Uncool! :( My timetable is so filled, altho I still have Wednesday and Fridays off so that's good.. it'll be like a three day weekend :P but yes. I have 5 hours of class Monday, 4 on tuesday and 6 on Thursday. It is insane and toooo hardcore. How do I sit thru 5 lectures back-to-back and soak everything in my brain?! So silly!

Tonight, heading down to a ceilidh with the girlies for a good time. Its a traditional scottish dance thingo so there's gonna be whiskey and scottish food and everything so that'll be exciting. I'll take pictures and I hope to god by tomorrow I can start uploading pictures or something. So annoyed! :(:( Really.

I'll abruptly end here cause I've got 3 classes soon and I need to get myself some lunch (ish).

Amelia x x

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