Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nothin' on you

I am in dire need of a haircut! The ends are so splitted it scares me!! I found like so many multi-splitted ones today. Like one strand splitted to like 5 ends and stuff, like Medusa only in hair form. Anyway, I don't even know if splitted is a word. It keeps coming up underlined red. Whatever, can't be bothered to check it out.

The weather today is so very shitty :( All rain and rain and gloom. Its SO annoying. Like, I bought the cutest umbrella ever just now so I'm quite sorted out for the rain at the mean time. But the wind pisses me off. And my fringe kills my eyes all the time. Like my left eye is so dementedly tiny in comparison to my right because of how little light its getting. (A theory made up by my very own mother). Blah

Anyway, Julia and I signed the contract to our flat today!!! :) So, in approx 1 months time, we will be moving in with all our valuables and non-valuables and hurrah for our own place! I am super excited! My room is the tinier one, but I suppose I don't mind since I'm going to be the only one using it. I am a very 'just' person ;p (haha action) Since Julia will be having her +one, I think it's so much more sensible if she had a bigger room. Anyway, she has a mirror right next to her bed and mirrors at night freak the crap out of me so it's all good :) I can't wait to go furniture hunting, grocery buying and everything! Gah!!! :D Maybe not looking forward to cleaning up the place weekly but oh well :)

Town was extremely productive as well. Crazy Superdrug was having all these 1/2 price off and Buy 1 Free 1 stuff so I came home with 2 bottles of lotion and 2 bottles of body wash. yeah, go me. And then we came across a fair so yay! We then had our dinner there which was aweeesommeee. Had some dutch pancakes (sugar&lemon!!! Yums*), I had a grilled pork sandwich (think: Sao rou in a bun with apple sauce) and Julia had a Venison Burger. I would totally go for a burger but I already had one for lunch :( so meh. haha And to wash all that off, we (well mostly I) had churros :) Good times. Food is such a good investment. It totally uplifted my mood. LOVE FOOD YAY

Then upon reaching my room, got skyped by Kons who I've not hung out with in AGES eversince that caw moved to Hillhead :( and we hung out for a while and determined plans for tonight. Yah. *ATTENTION* BECKY! haha I am putting my social skills to work! I am heading out tonight (prolly) with Kons and a bunch of people I don't know. And then I sort of have plans to meet with some other people out there as well?! I don't know. So scary! haha Some of you wouldn't know this, but most would.. I have a social problem. I am quite the anti-socialist here. -.- Which can be quite sad at some point. But I never try and I totally hate meeting new people etc etc cause I'm shy etc etc and then I start talking rubbish etc etc, you get my gist. But like I always frown upon the idea of meeting new people and stuff. SELF CONFIDENCE IN SHAMBLES. But whatevs, I really need to hang out with more people. blah. So yes. Tonight I shall try and if it works out I am going to do it once a week at least! Go ME!

Uh, tomorrow morning I'll have to rise and shine early cause *once again trying my social skills* I volunteered to help out with the torchers parade! so I'll be making floats, I do hope I get to paint cause I LOVE PAINTING :D and yes. I dunno how that will go. We'll see.


And yes, I know. Berlin post much needed!!! SOON SOON SOON. Just need to find time to sit my ass down and type/upload pictures.

Lots of love!
Amelia :)

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