Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh, if you let me stay..

I'll love all of the pain away.

(long wordy post! Read if you need to waste time :P)

Hello wello :) :) I'm going to take a nice long hot shower in about half an hour so I might as well blog. Then I've got about 1.5hours to get ready and then a taxi at 4pm to bring me to the bus station! I am excited! excited! excited! and very scared. As some of you would know very well, I am one of the most paranoid person ever. Making problems up in my mind as I go along. I always have bad feelings about things which is one of the most worrying thing ever. :( But oh well. Life goes on. I always tend to have lower expectations for whatever so when it happens, I'll be less likely disappointed. And that, my dear readers is exactly how I get through my day/life so far. =/

Anyway, last night Julia spent about 2 hours with me while I try on my outfits for different days and etc. :) I am super grateful for that because as Becky would know, I am not one who does not freak out about her outfit although it wouldn't really matter what I wear because I'll have a coat on... so.... yes....... but yeah :P in case lah! actually, most of my outfits can be deemed really silly because right? I'll have sleeveless stuff on, so even if I do get super warm in my coat, I am not able to take it off cause I am warm. HOW?! -_-" I dunno man. Grr Worse come to worse I'll just buy some new stuff to wear :P don't judge me!

And like I said above. I am super worried about my outfits!!! Cause Max hasn't told me what we're gonna do and I'm horrid with surprises....... so gah! I've got a couple of really silly girlie outfits (poofy skirts?!) and I dunno lah! how do they even dress there? Am I freaking out, yes I am freaking out. Becky/Diana/some others can totally imagine how I'd be on the phone right now. -_-" Yes. I am desperate in need to talk to someone to calm me down but nobody to call lo! damnit. I think I might call Becky up so hopefully she is in. Okay the line is busy. Woe is me. Gah.


Wah damn stressful. ha ha ha.

Actually I don't know how I'm going to look like when I step out onto the Airport tomorrow also. I'd won't have slept in 24 hours and my hair will be gross. My skin and teeth should be okay cause I'm planning to freshen up before heading for my 6.30AM flight (wtf right?). Yes no slept for more than a day. Mostly because I'm heading to Edinburgh today right.. and then staying in the airport till tomorrow cause there's no bus that early to bring me to edinburgh in time for the flight!! SAD TIMES PEOPLE. Julia says maybe I should look into staying in a hotel for the night or something but it'll be such a waste of money cause I'll be in the hotel for less than 12 hours even so I'm not even wanting to pay like ££££ to waste my time in a room. Might as well do it outside of the airport. I hope it isn't a scary airport. -_-

Okay just booked myself a taxi.

I am going to abruptly end this post in the midst of all my worries (cause I have like 6798 more) and say. I hope I have a lovely week and take the most nicest pictures and have a brilliant time and not spend too much money.

WHICH REMINDS ME. Bloody weather forecast!!! Says I'm going to have a shitty weather week i.e rain and rain and RAIN in Berlin. AH FUCCCCK MEEEE I hope to god it doesn't rain! not the slightest bit then we'd have to use umbrellas and I don't really fancy that altho Max says it will make everything more "romantic" HAHA! wtf apparently then we can walk around sharing umbrellas and kiss in the rain with one of my feet in the air and something like that. But I don't want it to rain. Please let it be sunny/ cloudy and pretty. Please please please!! cause I'm not even bringing my waterproof shoes cause ..

CAUSE i'm using Ryanair and I am only allowed ONE CABIN BAG max 10kgs so I can't pack that much anyway so that's really annoying. I'd have to pay like an extra £30 to bring an extra luggage and there's really not much use for that (well there is) but for the amount I'd be paying.. such a waste of money. GAH. Why budget airlines! I hate budget airlines. I've never even sat on AirAsia before because that's how much I don't like them. But what choice do I have?! I am a poor student and a £90 fare is so much more better on the wallet compared to a £200 one. So why should I be complaining.................

Okay. This time I will really stop abruptly. Get a hold of yourself Amelia. You will have a nice week, the most.. you will already be seeing Max so that should make so many things better :) but yes, good time brilliant weather lovely sight and sounds and happy happy happy!!!!!!

Lots of love!

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