Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Darling

These are my confessions to the crime of wanting you too badly..

Halo Halo! :) Today has not been going well at all. Besides the lovely brunch with Alice and Scott and the nice conversation after with Julia in my room... today has been absolutely shit. I was woken up at bloody 3 in the fuckin' morning because two boys, in particular, were being complete dickheads screaming at the top of their lungs outside of my window. May they burn. And then after much difficulty of drifting back to sleep, I am awake at fuckin' fuckin' 5 in the morning on a Sunday. From then on, I spent about 2 hours in and out of the bloody toilet due to really bad stomach constictions. And at 7am, I can't sleep. I call my mother, I call my cousin, I call Chloe and lastly, I talk to Christopher for a total of 3 hours and about 17seconds.


and now, I have discovered that I possibly have yet another UTI (twice in two months. EURGH) and every pee I take is like a stab. And I'm bleeding too. Not the kind you get out of your monthly menstrual cycle I must add.

If this keeps up, I'm most likely to die soon from some freak disease.

Possibly, in like a couple of years.



p/s started watching The Hills a little cause I was bored shitless last night. Spencer Pratt is fuckin' insane man. He's like CRAZY. It's scary. 0.0


  1. Get well soon.
    And yes people who make noise at 3 freaking am on anyday are just annoying.

  2. Thank you Nat :) Yes.. they should all just burn burn and BURN.