Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby's got a temper.

Oh honey, can't you feel me?

I've been reading a couple more extra blogs lately and they've been such a joy to read! I am so inspired by people who can write on a day to day basis, especially when they write about their days in a non-boring, oh-I-did-this-and-that-today sort of way. I wish I could do that, but I really can't. I want to be able to write well and express all that is in my head in a really cool poetic authoristic way, but that unfortunately isn't up to my standards. I don't read enough, I really should start getting back into the habit of reading books. It's just so difficult to find books that I can really engage myself in these days. They're always just mediocre, boring and not moving. I need good books! I should start reading reviews online.

zzz maybe one day.

It's a sunday and it's August already! Time is going by quick, by which I'm not complaining really, the faster it goes by, the better it is (sorta).

I've been loading up on carbs so much, it isn't funny. Wahey!


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