Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Between Days.

17 magazine asked Rihanna:

What have you learned about love?

And, she answered:

It should be fun. I think people take relationships a little too seriously; sometimes they forget that it's supposed to be something that they enjoy. It becomes a little too serious, and some people miss out on the good things. If you want a boyfriend, make sure that he's making you laugh all the time, because that's what it's all about.


And I agree thoroughly with her reply :) We do forget that it's supposed to be fun, filled with joy and laughter. We need to start remembering these sort of things all the time. It'll be what keeps us happy, I have a feeling.

Apart from that, today is the start of the fasting month! a.k.a Ramadhan so Happy Fasting to all my muslim readers which would mean Fauzay cause I think he's the only one. I don't remember :p But if he's not the only one then I apologize, have fun anyway! The gerai's are always something to look forward to cause they are the best ^_^ as well as all the buffets and yummy all-you-can-eat. :D hurhur.

I'm going to go to Shahbandar later with the Golden couple, which I am extremely glad about because the last time I went was a week ago and I think my stamina has probably propelled downwards already (I'm not very good with anything that requires lots of stamina :P) soooo it'll be good to go again. I've been going to Badminton with Zay and Akmal and it's fun although there's not much exercise involved if you know what I mean? :P It's always funny with Akmal and Fauzi. Very very paloi people :)

Also if you guys haven't already went, Lucky Restaurant in Seri is selling really good dimsum at the moment so try try try! ^_^

Much love,
Amelia :)

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