Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So, let me help you remember.

I don't think we have nearly enough pictures together, we need so much more.

I'm using the new format of the blogging thang and it isn't as easy as I hoped it would be. I'm so confused!!! You'd think that they'd improve a new system by making it easier and more user friendly right? -.-

Anyway, today spent it unwinding to my bestest best friend in the whole wide world. I think she's sick of my voice ok. Hehe *shy* But oh well :) It was good. I love it when we're together because she laughs when I'm being mean cause she knows that's just the way I am and we both understand why we don't like some people and you know, we just know. It's so lovely.

Spent lunch with said bestie and my momma at Kitaro. Lunch took us nearly 2 hours cause our first couple of dishes took like forever to come out and we were sooooo hungry! The food is good though although I think the portions are a little more smaller than other places. But they have the BEST matcha ice cream in Brunei so far!!!!! Even when it melts it's still thick and YUMMEH *nomz* hahahahah But yeah (^_^) I love me a good bowl of green tea ice cream with super duper red bean!!!!

I AM SO INTO SUDOKU RIGHT NOW IT IS SO UNCOOL. Unleash my inner geekness 8) hehe.

Last night was a super dramatic night in my household :(. So malu wahhhh -_-" I think I got my dramatic-ness from too much movies it is soooo uncooool.  But whatever, it sort of worked towards the night so I'll just not think about my dramatic ness so it'll be all good.

Apart from all the drama from last night so far, I'm feeling the best that I have so far today. I'm feeling a little more optimistic and less suicidal (Becky says: Why do you wanna die for?) haha. So I guess that's a good sign right? Also, I gave Scampy a bath today and he was being such a good dog! I'm gonna shower him with more love and treats later. He totally deserves it.

Yeah, I'm in a pretty good mood today :)



  1. The first picture of us is horrendous. I look horrendous there. Why, Amelia. Why.

  2. because i have so little to choose from and I think we look ok there lah!!!! SO THERE! haha