Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You begin to wonder why you came.


Yeah, got bored and decided to take pictures with Scamp because isn't he just a doll?! So cute. (^_^)

Amazingly, I have got no appetite today. I think it's cause I'm not feeling very stable at the moment but oh well, I'm not complaining. I really want to just go under my duvet with my iPod and stay there. Like, permanently maybe with a cup of hot chocolate (which magically fills itself up when it runs out).

Brunei is making me feel like a slug and I don't like it. I have one more month and I return to Aberdeen and I honestly can't wait (even though I don't really wanna go back to Aberdeen anyway). That said, I think now would be the perfect time to travel around the world and rediscover myself cause I think I've forgotten who I am or what I am supposed to be?

I don't understand couples who do not like holding hands. I think being able to link arms, hands is such a privilege. Its a sign to the world that you belong to him and him to you :) I always hope very hard in my heart when I see a couple standing close to each other that they'll eventually join hands. It always makes me :). Really. I love it especially when they're walking and both hands find a way into each other. Sooooooo lovely!

Skyped with Max after lunch and his nephews are visiting him in Berlin now (along with his sister) and he showed them to me over skype and they are SOOOO cute! Like really! Haha :P but I think that cheered me up today. I wish I was still a kid and had little to none worries.

I wish the weather wasn't soooo hot. It really does tick me off. It's hot day to night and vice versa and I don't understand the weather. It would be lovely if it was a few degrees less. Maybe mid 20s? I'd be a lot happier me thinks. Grr the heat.

I know what hairstyle I wanna try out when I come back next year (yes, in a years time). I think it would look decent although it is along the lines of it being short. Not pixie cut short, but like jawline short so we'll see in 2011.

I think I'm gonna start writing in my journal again. And start reading Atonement, cause I loved the film and I never got to finishing the book.


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