Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I think I may need you.

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you.
- Tony McCollum
 There are too many SOTD today but I guess I fell in love again with Architecture In Helsinski - Heart it Races. I was in love with it a while back (like a year or two back) but it came on my trusty iPod today and I forgot why I stopped listening to it. :) It's a good song. A little weird, but I like it. Actually, the music video is reeeeealllly whack but it's all good.

I love music. I love listening to music. I don't know what I'll do without music T^T. I'll gladly do any day without my cellphone but not without my iPod. Haha :)

I was gonna forgo the heavenly internet for a couple of days cause I thought it'd clear my mind up but I think not. I need my internet like I need my cough syrup to sleep everynight.... (I kid) But yeah, the internet is such a big stone in my life. T^T depressing shit. haha! :)

OH. Bought this GORGEOUS Cheap Monday (stupid name really cause the brand is not cheap at all zzzz) shirt thang and a French Connection Tee with the cutest "Kick Ass" written in the corner and like, I cannot wait to return to the flat in the Deen to try them on!!! *heart* And like I have another romper waiting for me to try on there as well. !!! I am so accustomed to the very few clothes I have in Brunei I have forgotten what it feels like to have a wardrobe filled with clothes I can wear!!!! I don't even remember what I have back in the UK. I'm gonna be all surprised when i get back. "Ooooh, I didn't know I had something like that.." haha! :D Exciting. I miss my clothes :(

I will also need to buy another pillow when I get back. I wanna fill up my whole bed with as many pillows as I can :) Okay, not as many as I can but like minimum 4! And I've got two right, but they're not the most comfortable so I think I might splurge and get some super comfy duck goose whatever feathers from M&S or like somewhere nice :D I love myself some good pillows. and BOLSTERS! I need one at least. I am going to hunt that down somewhere too. I'm not gonna be used to a bloody double bed all to myself. Need to find things to fill up the empty void that is my soul. HAHA wtf, I mean i need to fill up the bed with things so it doesn't look so empty :) I;m bringing back some soft toys too soooo it should look better after I'm done with the room :)

I've got about 4 whole days left in Brunei! I cannot wait to leave this county already! Although, yesterday I did the formal goodbye to my darling cuzzen and I was really sad about it :( I'll be back in a year and I realise I am going to miss her so so so so much as well :( Sooo yeah.

I'm gonna try stream True Blood in the office T^T I need to watch True Blood. Can someone explain why there are only like 13 fuckin' episodes every season?! WE NEED MORE. grr.


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