Monday, January 24, 2011

Easy come, easy go.

SO I hate stats SO MUCH! Can't seem to figure out any of the answers and it's all confusing and there's so much to know and it's all so friggin useless! Why on earth do I need to do statistics? Ridiculous!

Anyway, after 5pm tomorrow I'll be done with the paper and then I'll just have a night of cramming some law (ANOTHER USELESS SHIT) and the weird accountability subject that nobody seems to give a shit about. LOL

I hate exams, have I gone on about how silly exams are? Nobody ever remembers anything after the exams. So basically, in out Fourth year we prolly won't even remember what we studied in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year so it's really really such a waste of time. I say, study for 4 years and do a big exam that covers everything in the last year! That would make us wanna be ready for something HUGE. but these exams every 3 months? Yeah, rubbish. Hate em to pieces. Grr.

I did a weight in yesterday and I'm a good 55.0kg! :) Although, I am on my period atm (LOL TMI AGAIN HOORAH) and so it isn't the most accurate weight in. I'll do another one next week and hopefully, it'll be a little less cause of all the water retention during the menstrual period (HAHA SO GROSS THE WORDS), I hope to weight less. :p But it's a good start yaw! 2 weeks ago I was 58.2kgs! So yay! Just be good on this weekend in London and don't do much damage yes. :)

I will return to the evil land of Stats.


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