Saturday, January 22, 2011

Food and love

It's been a pretty good the-day-after-my-first-paper and yes, I know, I've got 3 more papers to go which I'll be sitting for in let us see.. 3 days, 2- not including Sunday which is my Alli-Bonding-Day (ABD) so.. hmm. Anyway, I've spent most of today cooking. Chinese Red bean Soup with glutinous rice balls (as my housemates would delightfully say- Mochi) and then for dinner, some beef bolognese with extra mushrooms and lots of onion and garlic. I have found the magic that is a garlic squasher/press. A garlic press is amazing! Gone are the days where I used to peel the garlic slowly, one by one and chopping them up into tiny pieces because I needed chopped garlic. Gone I say, gone vanish and replaced with the great and helpful garlic press. I really must get one for myself.

I really do enjoy the kitchen, cooking, cutting, baking, boiling and even cleaning up after. It's so therapeutical and it just takes my mind of so many things. The end product makes me happy, the scent of fried garlic, the tears from the onions. I love everything about cooking. I love the kitchen. It could possibly be the favourite part of the house for me.

After a nice hot shower, I am hoping to get some Statistics done because someone help me, stats is horrible. It's foul and horrible and gross and eurgh. And then there's Business law which (couldn't be possible -- but it is) is even worse than statistics. Grr So frustrating.

On thursday, I will be getting a haircut! Something a little drastic, I would say but it wouldn't be my first time. I just want something new for the new year and with Chinese New Year coming up, what else could I ask for? I've got an outfit planned for that night too! So excited! I love chinese new year albeit never having spent it the right way -- reunion dinners, house visiting, open houses.. nope, nada. My usual CNY would always be spent abroad in a foreign unknown land. Always exciting, always with my parents. Not that I'd have it any other way. It's my 2nd year now spending CNY without them, and it is quite a drag, I'd love to be with my parents waking up in a hotel in a city that we do not know of.. but oh well. This year, they're going to Sydney for CNY. Grr! I wanna go to Sydney! :p But instead, I will spend CNY night with friends and food! Two combinations that I know wouldn't disappoint.


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