Monday, January 17, 2011

Positive vibes.

With Camelia the sheep that mummy got for me here in scottland

Oh yeaaaaah. Nerdy amelia :D super happy with her new pink tripod stand :D

Trying out the blue contact lenses allisan got for me *love*

Because I don't think I don't have enough pictures of myself on my own blog!

Proud to say I have been revising for 8.30 till about 11am and then I got distracted cause the mail came and so did my tripod stand! It's awesome. A little too small but it does what it does and at £11?! Can't beat that yo. At least I can take pictures without having to have to stretch my arms sooooo much now. HEHEHE It can basically cling onto anything stable! it is GREAT :D hoorah! 

Yesterday was a lovely day spent with Allisan! :) Dimsum and Nandos, and 127 hours inbetween which really was a good movie, very motivating and touching and GRUESOME! :o seriously, we spent so much time squirming in our seats. Unbelievable!  

Imma spent these 3 days in my house clothes with my hair up and my glasses on doing some mediocre revising because I've got exams on Thursday and I have to admit I am a teeny weeny worried?!!!! zzzzz

ALSO TERM ENDS JUNE 10TH SO I'LL PROBABLY BE BACK IN BRUNEI ON THE 12th :D JOY TO THE WORLD! I can't wait! gonna speak to daddy concerning my air tickets and hopefully get them all booked and shizz :D hehehehe



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