Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter was never my season

I think I sort of like Spring or Autumn for that matter.

Anyway, we're on the train back to Aberdeen now. It's been a good trip although such an eye opener on how Edinburgh trumps Glasgow hands down. Even in the shopping department! Granted I had an amazing bowl of wa tan ho here but that was probably the best thing that happened. I think I am quite glas that I didn't book an extra night to stay cause we really didn't have much to do after walking up and down and around all the shopping streets. Basically we ate tons of asian food which I'm not complaining about. Aberdeen clearly lacks in the department which really pisses me off. I demand a good bowl of yakiudon ever so often or a nice bowl of congee even. It'd suffice but whatevs, can't have everything in life right. Mmm~

I am dreading heading back to Aberdeen tbh, my mom is leaving in 2 days after tonight and I get tears thinking about it. It really does suck. Sometimes I honestly think one of the biggest mistake was moving to the UK to study. Why didn't I just choose somewhere close, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia even or just stayed in freaking Brunei?!!!!!!!! Fucking stupid man. I miss so many things that's not here. It's so weird, you'd think I'd adjust to life here. I think I sort of have? I can't say I'm not comfortable. It's just that I really do miss the comfort and warmth of my own home. Somewhere I could come home after a long tiring day and being greeted by a familiar smell, sight and sound. It's been difficult. I absolutely hate feeling homesick. It makes me feel really crap. Really and truly.

The pain in my chest has doubled quite badly. Woke me up at 2 in the morning because simply breathing while lying down was too much for me, hurt like a bitch. Seriously, what is so wrong with me?! I'm only bloody 19 years old. I shouldn't be having all these bodily problems! :( grr. Been taking painkillers to soften the blow. Thank goodness it's been working though. I need to see a doctor ASAP. Stop procrastinating Amelia.

Tons of things to do tomorrow, it'll be fun.

I want my mommy to stay with me forever.

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