Saturday, February 26, 2011


Maybe not today, losing weight I mean. Made a delicious batch of butter cake. Reminds me so much of a few years ago, baking every sunday. I love baking, the sweet aroma of the batter baking in the oven and the whole house filled with the lovely lovely smell. Anyway, it was a really really good batch of cake if I must say so myself *self praise wtf* hahahah I didn't have enough ingredients so I improvised too :D

So frustrating I wish I could just be comfortable in my body and stop all this hate. ARGH

Anyway, I'm moving out next week, again, sadly. I am extremely happy in this house at the moment.. these 2 months have been so much fun and I've been happy to live here. Unfortunately someone else had already booked the room I am in advance so I'm required to move out by April but I will be moving on the 1st of March. :) I am sad and nervous for the next house I'm moving to will be filled with strangers, all 5 of them so I'm definitely nervous.

Tonight one of them is throwing a birthday party and they invited me along, so I'm gonna go with Diana to check out my new housemates. I'll be the youngest one in the house and I'm hoping everything would be okay and I get along with everyone :) Wouldn't it be so cool if it turned to be like Jersey Shore hahahahaah! ya a little obsessed with JS at the moment. Pauly D and Snooki are my favourite people in Jersey Shore followed by Vinny and J-Wow. SO COOL LAR THEM. I wish I was them. Fuck Miami, bring me to Jersey shore. hahahahaha I know the places around by heart alrdy! haha :3

Anyway yeah. Diana should be coming over any minute now so I'm gonna go get ready.

lotsa love

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