Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just to let me down.

I woke up from an abusive dream this time. It was scary and.. very very uncool. Why am I dreaming about the worst dreams these few days? I want to sleep dreamless, waking without a memory. I'd like my mind to rest when I sleep. I think and worry too much already when I'm awake. I'd like to just have a blank mind when I sleep. So annoying, is there anywhere I could get pills for that?

I bite my nails. Everyone knows I bite my nail, bad. These days when I'm feeling nervous, sad or a little stressed up I chomp on my nails so bad it's reaches the flesh and then hurt like a mutha :(  I know, I know .. my own ruddy fault for chomping on my nails when I can be doing so much more like ......... yeah. Hmm. argh but it's hurting to type now and because I don't have nails on that specific finger, it doesn't balance out when I type? So I keep pressing the wrong alphabet. (-_-)

I'm gonna stay home today and finish off my accounting homework.


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