Friday, February 18, 2011

A Recollection.

So we're in love and everything is great. A vampire outbreak happens and you hide me.You hide me well. I am hidden for quite a while. I meet other people hiding. I meet friends who have been bitten, banging at the door begging for help. But I can't do anything to help them. I tell the other people hiding. I must go out. I must find you. So, they find a way out and just as I'm leaving the building.. I see Chloe. She's been bitten but she looks like she's looking for someone. I can't approach her yet and so I run.  I can't find you, and everyone around me looks like they've been infected. I get attacked by a man. He tries to bite me and lo and behold, I've got resistance. The fangs won't go through. I become invisible, little by little.. First thing I do, I run to look for Chloe. I cry when I see Chloe, half my legs are invisible. She tells me she's sorry about what she's about to do and I say no, it's fine. I won't be affected by the bite. She tells me that you told her where I was and she was looking for me to bring me somewhere. I cry a little more and ask her where you are. She tells me that you're safe as well but you had to do something for a little while and couldn't come get me. I follow Chloe.

20 years go by and I'm fully invisible. I get around but people don't see me. They don't hear me. The outbreak has simmered down. I live with who Chloe helps me get by. She is amazing. She's recovered from the disease mostly, on medication. I write to let people understand and hear me. I'm still looking for you. One day, on the news I see you. You .. properly dressed receiving an award. You .. you had found a cure for the disease somehow. I knew I had to look for you and so I do.

I find your address and I go one morning. The door wasn't locked. I walk in. And the apartment is neat and I see a room with the door open. I see a picture of me on the wall and I knew instantly the room is yours. It's neat with everything properly placed. You're not in it of course, you're in the toilet. I cry, because I've been looking for you all these years. I walk into another room and your room mate is still sleeping (for some absurd reason your room mate looks exactly like Andrew Garfield). I inspect the apartment a little and everything is so clean and lovely and you walk out of the toilet. Like you do, with your wet hair and towel around your body. I think, the first time I see you after 20 years, I couldn't hold back. I run. But you don't see me. I hug. You still don't see me. But you feel me. I scream. You don't hear me but you hug me back. I think at that time you know exactly who I was but I think it freaks you out a little. You back away, thinking you are crazy but I hold on to you. I write on your chest that I miss you and I've been looking for you. He says he's been looking for me too. He asks why I'm invisible. I tell him the whole story.

He tells me he's sure that I've got some special gene that made me invisible to protect myself after the first "bite" and he tells me he knows someone who can help me. I believe you and I follow you. True enough, I start coming back. You see me and you cry. You cry tears of happiness. I cry too.

And then I wake up.


The first part was super scary and the end was super WTF. WHY AM I STILL DREAMING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN'T MEAN ANYTHING TO ME?! (not Chloe cause I do miss her so much.) It's so ridiculous. I want a brain wash. PRONTO.


Apart from that, the weekend has started and CNY has officially ended so.. everyone have a greeeeeat weekend not eating like a pig :D


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