Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rolling in the deep.

I have recently downloaded Adele's new album - 21 and her song Rolling in the Deep is such a good song! Download it now.

Anyway, I'm back after a lovely weekend in London town. After lots of really good food (asian mostly actually) and some retail therapy as well as meeting up with old friends.. it has been great! Albeit the weather being a little cold everything else was great :) Actually thinking of another trip down this month, and if not.. next month. Expensive though, which means I'll have to cut back on my other expenses unfortunately. Oh how nice it would be to have so much money I didn't have to care about little things like this.

Also, today marks the first day of the new semester. Not much at the moment, had 30 minute lecture today and that was about it. Met up with Sinda, Alice and Diana and ah~ so nice to see familiar faces that I have not seen in a while. Catching up over subway, coffee, cake.. life is good. It is! :)

I was exhausted after getting back from London! Slept from 3 till 7pm and then again from 9pm to 8am! Amazing or whut! I don't usually sleep so much. But I've been so tired and my back is aching like a cow. Quite annoying really.

I do like London very much. It's accessibility and incredibly good eyecandy and the vast choice of eyecandy. But to be honest really, I do like Edinburgh a lot more. Hehe. Not that I won't say no to another trip down there anytime soon. :p hurhur.

Alrighty then. Shower time and then 90210 and Gossip Girl! 9am lectures tomorrow! Have not had that ever!! :o


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