Friday, March 4, 2011

Someone like you

"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

I've been completely addicted to Adele's Someone Like You. There's so much emotion in her singing, I really feel super "kam dong" while listening to her song.

I'm on the bus to London as I type this on my trusty bb :) I've got 6 more hours till we reach and I've been sitting on my bum on the same chair for the past 7 hours. Its great! :p but London is always good and I'm excited for this weekend. It'll be a nice getaway from Aberdeen for a while :) I'm happy to be accompanied by the always lovely Allisan and Diana. Will be meeting Shim who's bussing down from Sheffield on Friday and meeting up with the dynamic duo: Zay and Zakky on Saturday :D hehe

So many food places we wanna try out too! We've got to make the required reservations of course. Must remember to do that hurhur :D I'm trying to keep on a budget this trip. I want to only get a new pair of heels (£30 max) and a new beige/brownish trench coat! (£50 max) so hopefully I find them. Also a couple of dresses (£20 max each) so that'll be good :p

I've realised I bite my nails because I'm stressed out, angry, annoyed, excited etc but today I found out that I also bite my nails cause I'm bored! T^T which is really really uncool as I was in a really boring snooze worthy tutorial today and by the end of it I had a nail very deeply bitten in, bloody and red throbbing with pain.... And I had no idea I was even biting my nails. Amazing.

Okay, imma try my luck for another hour of sleep!

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