Wednesday, June 15, 2011

High time

Yep, high time to type out a blog post! I don't know why I am sooososososooo lazy. As some of you might have guessed from my tweets, I am back home in the comfort of my own home with my mom and dad in the room next to mine, with my dogs ... Ah, it's been good. No, I have not seen anyone else yet regardless of being home for the past 3 days. *blush* feeling a tad bit anti-social and really can't be bothered to do jack. Just want to relax and basically chill the fuck out. (^_^)

Had a little drama with my luggage as one didn't come through till yesterday. Apparently the luggage tags fell off so nobody knew what to do with a sad lonely red bag. Luckily, they sent the right one over. I was freaking out so much cause I had so much to bring home. So now I'm better. Hehe.

Also, been really annoyed with my weight. It's so ridiculous, back in the UK I'm completely happy and content with my weight. The minute I'm back, I feel like a complete whale. It's disgusting the way everybody wants to be skinny here, how skinny is the only way to look good here. It's repulsive. Can't one be beautiful even in a body that isn't all skin and bones? I wish the people in Asia would open their eyes and mind a little. It's so narrow minded. Pisses me off. Since I've gotten back, (and keeping in mind I haven't met up with much people), I've gotten remarks saying that they don't recognize me cause I'm FAT and there's people telling me my hips are HUGE. Right. Ok. Cool. Doesn't matter that I'm completely happy with how I am huh? Fuck. Fuck the fact that I need to conform to society because I can't stand people criticizing me. So I guess these 3 months I will spend trying to lose weight again. Whoopifuckingdee. I mean I was already going to lose weight because of some personal reasons *ahem* but for the people around me? hah. I'm horrible. I'm disgusting. I'm repulsive. Cause I care about what people have to say about me. Amelia, you are a truly lousy shitty cow. Whaddup with the self-confidence yo? Coming back to Brunei totally destroyed me there in that area. Truly. Just 3 days as well. AMAZING. *applause* for Brunei.

Also, a little late but I've caught the Bieber Fever (I mean I've always like Justin Biebs) but I downloaded his album etc and caught his NEVER SAY NEVER movie on the airplane. Totally moved me to tears. He's a hard little worker man. Like, he works hard for what he gets and I think that's truly.. respectful. I mean, he's still a kid yea (2 yrs younger than me but whatevs), and he's done so much. Amazing. Doesn't help that he's a total cutie pie as well. hehe *blush*

What else. Been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again. I'm gonna read this one once, then books 1 - 6 again and then read the 7th book again so I'm all ready for the movie July 15th! never to early. *beams* I've missed my Harry P books so friggin much! I killed myself laughing at some of the things in the book! I am such a geek 8) hurhur

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