Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gotta catch em all!!!!

Hehe, I love this snake-print inspired H&M Cardi that I made my mom get when she was in Aberdeen for winter.

Today was such a good good day! Spent good shopping day with momsie, and bought bags! For my laptop, for my DS ... and nail polishes. How I love thee. Had a lovely Paella for lunch as well, which was a quite refreshing considering I've only been having asian food for the past 2 months. (Not that I am complaining :P)

I am currently playing Pokemon Black on my DS and have now reached Castiela City and it's amazing! All these little roads that I can turn into, and all the different characters I meet. So different! So cool! :3

Pokemon, pokemon, pokemon. I've played you since forever. Since I was 8 or 9, since I had my first ever Gameboy in yellow, and played Pokemon Yellow. And then I tried out Pokemon Red, and Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Soul Silver... whatever version, I've tried it all and here's the thing: I've never once finished a game of Pokemon. I either a) lose interest in the game halfway or b) lose interest in the game halfway. So this time, I am aiming to finish the damn game. I will finish Pokemon Black. MARK. MY. WORDS. Please Amelia, don't get bored halfway, don't just get lazy from leveling up pokemon, don't get annoyed with all those random ass pokemons jumping up to you for battles eventhough they are obviously going to lose. JUST FREAKING PERSEVERE WITH IT! AND FINISH THE DAMN GAME.

I have a few issues with Pokemon.
a) Since we are only give 6 damn slots at one time, how do I know which pokemon to keep on hand/ which pokemon to keep leveling up, and even if I do, what if I find another pokemon of the same type that I prefer, DO I JUST LET ALL MY HARD WORK AND TIME GO TO WASTE?!
c) Why are poke-centres always so far away?! T^T Such a drag to keep going back everytime all my pokemon faints.

and other issues which I can't seem to remember at the moment.

But yeah. Anyone got tips/pointers/ADVICE? Cause I really want to finish this game. Also, any advice on which is the best type of pokemon to keep on hand at all times. Right now I am leveling up my Electric, Flying, Water, Grasss (cause I used the HM Cut on him), Fire. Should I level my Physic one up? Will she be useful?

THANK YOU (in advance hurhur)


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