Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't wanna sleep alone.

Hello wello, I've been MIA-ing long enough! Gots to update this space. Don't feel bad though diary, I've been mia-ing on almost everything, even tumblr. But I've been busy, in a good way.

I've got approximately 12 more days in Brunei before heading back to the UK for my 3rd year. I don't know about it, but I am getting a super good feeling about this year. Like, it's going to work out for me, y'know? I am finger crossing and wishing and hoping for the best this year. I will make it a good year for myself. For my own sake.

Last week, daddy's god sister; ku jie, came down to Brunei from HongKong with her friend Catherine and I got to play tour guide for a whole week, including painstakingly speaking cantonese. Proud of myself though, managed to get through to them with my shitty ass canto. :3 hurhur. But, it was nice having them round, something to do in this mundane country. Although, I do feel really bad for Brunei, it's such a one visit thing. Like, everybody comes once. And then, they never come back. :p I guess I get it though, Brunei is horrendously boring. There's nothing here for anyone really. I can not see myself living here for a long time. Really.

Also, for the past week, since they were here, I had so much to eat.I weighed myself just before they came, on Monday (30th August 2011) and my weighing- scale told me that I was a nice 52.5kgs! :) Oh happy days. I've probably put on some though after pigging out the entire week -- so disappointed with myself. But shut your trap Amelia and get back on the wagon! I will have a smokin' hot body by Summer 2012. Really. No letting go okay Amelia. No more. Nobody will call you fat when you come home next year.

I have so many plans for Aberdeen/ 3rd uni year. First, I want to get my life organized. I want to make sure I attend classes, and revise and know what I am doing so I don't shit in my pants when the exams are near. Second, I want to look presentable at all times. This means dressing nicely and making use of my clothes, and make-up and not to be lazy.  Third, I just hope to have a good time and laugh a lot and smile and be happy.

I really want to be happy. I would also like my period to come back regularly. I'm so pissed off with my irregular periods that started since coming back to Brunei. It's like I'm constantly in a shitty PMS mood and always hungry and annoyed and I get really really sick cramps that hurt and I feel like shooting my stomach. Argh! I hope it come backs as a regular seriously. I'd be happy to be bleeding out of my you-know-what. Also, my skin! It's been breaking out like a mofo. Argh!

Urgh, I'm going to miss Scamp so much when I leave. I wish I could have him to come back with me to Aberdeen. That would make me so happy.

I can't wait to finish Uni, and work and have my own apartment that I can like have dogs in and decorate the place lovely and have a nice wardrobe and shoe and bag collection.



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