Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just because.

I've been having two of the most ugliest, black ganglions on my fingers. Today, I managed to cut, and peel out all of the blackish things under it. And I felt no pain.

I now have antiseptic cream over the wound and it's all bandaged properly.

I hope they heal properly. I'm so annoyed that I stopped biting my nails and then these ganglions decided to pay me a visit! The nerve!

Daddy suspects those blackish things to be dead fibres. They probably are since they're most buried deep in my skin and I had to literally dig them out.

Yuck. Gross. Why do these things keep growing on me? (i.e, Vernie the Verucca, Hermione and Granger the ganglions, and Cornflakes the callous under my right foot)


I just really needed to tell someone this and seeing as I'm not really talking to anyone, at least not in Brunei, I don't really know who else is there :p Thank you Blog :3 (yes, I totes told my parents already. I'm so pleased abt it!)


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