Monday, July 9, 2012

Just words..

What do you want from me if I do go back? 
Just one thing,” she says, raising her head and looking me straight in the eye. “I want you to remember me. If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”  - Murakami

 I've always had a penchant for words. Since I was little, young, a teen, I have always loved quotes, lyrics, words in general. This is why I have a tumblr completely filled with just words.. and a few notebooks filled with my favorite quotes stashed away in the drawers of my study table.

Anyway, today I woke up from a dream that was just too many things in one. I was a dancer, who was going to get my wisdom tooth plucked out, but in the surgery, the doctor took out the wrong teeth so it was really just very very traumatic. This doesn't help since I will be going for my wisdom tooth removal this coming Friday and I am freaking scared. Also, in the dream, I was with Chloe and Jun and we met SuJu and Chloe managed to shake hands and speak to some of them and I was just going crazy over SiWon and Jun was just rolling his eyes and muttering under his breath,"I cannot believe I am here." It was just a really busy dream and I woke up feeling like I've been all over the world and my body ached in pain.. as though I had really been dancing all around the world.

Have you ever felt like that? So tired even after sleeping thoroughly the whole night through? I honestly do believe it is the dreams that are making me so tired. I am tired every morning even though I make sure that I get at least 8 hours of rest every night. I usually have really crazy dreams though so for the mean time I am going to blame the dreams. Hehe

 Meant to be hanging out with Chloe today but that poor girl's woke up feeling ill so we've postponed our day to Wednesday. I only see Chloe for a short period of time once a year and this saddens me. Our time together even though we have not seen each other in ages never changes anything. We meet up and it feels like we have been seeing each other all along, y'know? Like we always have things to talk and laugh about. I love how we can connect. I think this is what friendship is all about; being able to meet up only once a year and yet get to talking like as though we see each other the whole year through. When we first became friends in 2008, we made a promise to each other that in our friendship, we will never judge one another. This makes it a lot easier since I feel like I can really tell her about anything and everything and I don't feel like I'm being judged. This is one of the biggest reasons why I love Chloe and why I think she is the bomb diggity. :)

In other lovely news, I am 3.5 weeks away from being re-united with my lover and soulmate! Hehe It will be such a relief to see his crooked smile and his brown eyes in person again and I can't wait. We've been doing well with making sure we talk to each other once a day and to text each other from time to time and I am so happy that we've both been able to do it properly! Even if I am a grumpy cow when I wake up at 7am for our skype sessions -- sorry baby! he he he But this boy, he loves me crazy, he sees my light and he loves my dark. Well, I don't think he loves it lah but he tolerates it which is more than I can ask for. hehehehe I am one of the most temperamental people here on earth and my close friends will be able to vouch for that. i.e Diana, Jun, Amilyn..... hahahahahahaham. My mood swings are like a rollercoaster, it is a miracle these people put up with me the way they do. Really must have done something right to receive all this love from these special people!

The other day I was just cleaning up my dressing table and I found a letter written from Diana to me on my 18th birthday and just reading it made me tear up like mad. Thank you Diana for everything throughout these years. You are one of my oldest friends and I am thankful that we were given the opportunity of becoming friends in the beginning.

I also need to stop procrastinating like it's my middle name. Well, actually, it might just be my middle name. I AM SUCH A BLOODY PROCRASTINATOR. Don't even know where I learnt it from, but damn the day I did. lol such an annoyance and I am SUCH a cow I don't bother to do anything about it.... (-_-) I have so many things to do but I keep not wanting to do them and I know I will end up regretting this.

AMELIA PICK UP YOUR PACE AND STOP PROCRASTINATING LAH. Actually, I blame the lighting in my study room. lol. It's really shitty lighting and makes me not wanna do any work at all.

Also, the internet in Brunei is major bollocks so I'm blaming that too. :P

Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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