Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My life through Instagram #1

Sorry for being away so long, blog. I have been very pre-occupied with "stuffs" and now I am back. 4th year of Uni (a.k.a final year) has also coincidentally started so I must settle down and get my "shit" together ASAP.

I have always been a fan of Instagram even before the version for Android came out. I was always using my mother's iPhone or my iTouch to check IG out so you must understand the joy and !!! I felt when Instagram for Android finally came out in Easter 2012. I remember that fateful day, it was Allisan and I first day in Sweden when I found out the news. Was crazy happy I tell y'all!

Anyway, been seeing these series on a couple of blogs recently and I really do think it's such a good idea. For example, if one day (touch wood), IG decides to fall off the map, I would have a copy of my pictures here. :D

So voila! Here is a collection of what I have been up to these past couple of weeks!

(L-R CLOCKWISE) 1. Coffee and shopping with Diana. 2. OOTD, Bershka cropped neon orange skull top with TopShop shorts and Wedge booties. 3. Neon yellow pumps from Topshop at 40% off-- of course I needed to get them.. 4. Edinburgh trip w/ Diana and ate at Jamie Oliver's restaurant for lunch. 5. NARS haul and other makeup randoms. 6. Date Wednesdays with the boyfriend, this specific day we went to Yo!Sushi :)

 (L-R CLOCKWISE) 1. OOTD for a night out with Diana and Jun, long sheer leopard print top from H&M only 5Euros, bandage skirt under and neon pumps. 2. FOTD, decided on smoky eyes. 3. Diana and I with our flavoured shots! We just told the bartender to give us 10 random ones and he gave us 11 random ones! hehe. 4. Cheese and onion toasts, for a while I was obsessed with these and ate them every single day. 5. Scamp. Only because I miss him too damn much. 6. Day in with the boyfriend -- I love days like these where we just laze indoors and watch TV programmes on the laptop and bask in each other's presence :)

(L-R CLOCKWISE) 1. Date Wednesday again with baby! This time we went to Moonfish Cafe which is the #1 rater restaurant for Aberdeen on Tripadvisor. The food was amazing with the dessert taking the cherry on the top! 2. Our OOTD for date wednesday. My blue top is from Zara while baby's Captain America top is from Bershka. 3.Random OOTD, with my H&M ice cream singlet that cost me probably 3pounds. 4. Uniform for work at the fresher's stall for 3 days! My first ever paid job. Hehe. 5. Went out on a Tuesday night with Diana and Jun for a Hawaiian themed party hence the flowers in our hair. Had a lot of fun! 6. Made beetroot and ribs soup :)  

(L-R CLOCKWISE) 1. Congee feast for baby and I one night. Loads of canned products which was super scrumptious. 2. Successfully made my own spinach pesto and it was freaking delish! Can't wait to make one with basil soon. 3. Went out with Alice dearest for dinner and then cocktails after. It's always so nice to go out with her cause it is guaranteed good company and banter!  4. Date night with Jun where we went to Granite Park restaurant and we have a very lovely meal! 5. Goodies from Singapore that Chery brought back for me :D 6. FOTD for one of the days hehe

Last but not least, on the 23rd of September, Happy 10th Month love of mine. You make the world a better place just by being in it. I am forever fascinated by your patience and love that you have for me and I am so blessed to be yours. I love you.


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