Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14/365

Public holiday today! And it's been the best public holiday so far here in KL!

Just a pic of my face cause I like my eyebrows here. 

Anyway, met up with Rosanne for a lovely day of just pigging out and talking non stop! 

Started out the day with super yummy chicken rice in Setapak:

So nommy! The siu yok is like fatty but crispy and the rice super fragrant. Good stuff.  

Then we went for a pedicure, well Rosanne temaned me. It's been so long since I last got a pedicure so I am glad to be able to get one done today! My feet look less manky than before. SO HAPPY 

We then met up with Rosanne's friend Nadelyn (such a pretty name don't you think) to try out this cafe called VCR since we've been hearing pretty rave reviews bout the place. 

This cake is appropriately named 'The King'. Banana cake layered with caramelised bananas, chocolate pieces, frosting and peanut butter. Yum? Yes, I think so. 

Coffee was really nice too and so was the banter. My only gripe was the pricing. Paid about RM23 for my coffee+cake combo and I think that's a little bit pricey. But oh well. Good cake though. 

Then we went over to Number76 for Rosanne to get a haircut and for me to fix my fringe! Happy days :) 

And then ended with dinner at Leonardo's with R&C hehe 

The food was super delicious! *Thankful for a great meal. Also we were all so full we could literally roll back home hahaha 

I am actually so sleepy right now while typing so I do apologize if I seem really lazy in this post. It's all the food in my tummy and the pig that is I. Sleep is all I want right now esp with an alarm for 6:20AM tomorrow. Zzzzz. 

Hope everyone had a good public holiday too. 


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