Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 16/365

In 8 hours I'll be on a flight on the way home to Pepper and Scampy and Melody and my parents! Been looking forward to this trip since I booked my flights in November! Even though it is only a 2 day trip, I am still ecstatic at the thought of seeing my fur babies again. #overlyattachedpetowner 

Unfortunately, I am only going home with a hand carry so no present for them this time round :( I'm not even bringing any makeup with me or clothes. Just gonna rely on what I have back home :) *adventurous* 

Anyway, mad happy but already have dates set up with my dear darling Kalowee! Even got massages booked. My poor old aching back is in dire need of some cracking.

Dinner tonight was fishball noodles by my uncle. SO AWESOME. 

Also since I've started going out with Aster and Rosanne, I've put on about four kilos. #dafuq and those two skinny bitches can't seem to put on any weight. It all goes to me. *sob* 

But I am thankful for them. 


Here's a picture of Aster & Rosanne and my very unfortunate fringe. Heh 

Have a great Thaipusam weekend! 


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